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■ Jon Lind­strom is de­liv­er­ing a can’t-miss per­for­mance with his care­fully cal­i­brated work as

Ryan, Kevin and Ryan-play­ing-kevin.

At “home” with his twin’s wife, Ryan steeled him­self for show­time as he de­scended the stair­case, do­ing a persuasive job of look­ing at ease — even as his slightly too-stiff body lan­guage be­lied a dif­fer­ent truth to view­ers. When Laura chal­lenged “Kevin” about the change she sensed in him, he worked to ap­pear un­ruf­fled as he saun­tered over to the ta­ble to ca­ress a knife, just in case one was nec­es­sary. It wasn’t; he eas­ily con­vinced her that he sim­ply had a pa­tient who ur­gently needed his help. With a new pep in Lind­strom’s step, a Fern­cliff­bound Ryan bee­lined for the door.

Ryan’s eyes sparkled as he en­tered the padded cell where Kevin was en­trapped. Muted by drugs and con­fined to a strait­jacket, a weary Kevin was un­a­mused by Ryan’s smug greet­ing (“How’s my fa­vorite pa­tient?”), the snarl on his face match­ing his an­gry, dis­dain­ful tone. With a smirk, Ryan con­tended that he was do­ing what Kevin had wanted, “liv­ing a nor­mal life.” Kevin snapped, roar­ing, “You’re liv­ing my life!” “Oops,” Ryan tossed back, ca­su­ally, un­moved and un­re­pen­tant. His des­per­a­tion mount­ing, Kevin warned his twin that his loved ones would see through Ryan’s im­per­son­ation, un­wit­tingly giv­ing his look-alike the per­fect open­ing to taunt him with an up­date on his wife’s lo­ca­tion. “Laura’s back,” he purred. “And we’re get­ting along fa­mously.” As Kevin’s face regis­tered new hor­ror, a dis­turbingly glee­ful grin flashed across Ryan’s, whose spir­its soared in di­rect pro­por­tion to the plum­met­ing of Kevin’s.

Lind­strom is hav­ing just the right amount of fun with this juicy ma­te­rial. There’s a zest un­der­ly­ing his work that in­vites the au­di­ence to en­joy the ride, but he’s not play­ing it for laughs: He’s made Ryan as gen­uinely fright­en­ing as Kevin is gen­uinely fright­ened. GH was wise to give him twice the op­por­tu­nity to shine.

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