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Nina picks up on Sasha’s at­trac­tion to Grif­fin and learns that Ava told Sasha that he is avail­able. Valentin sum­mons Sasha to Wyn­de­mere and she as­sures him that no one will fig­ure out that she isn’t re­ally Nina’s daugh­ter.


Mary Pat’s sev­ered head floats to the sur­face while Carly is bob­bing for ap­ples at Laura’s fundraiser. “Kevin” throws sus­pi­cion on Carly in his state­ment to the PCPD, and Laura con­firms to Jor­dan and Chase that she heard Mary Pat and Carly

ar­gue. Ava finds Mary Pat’s head­less corpse at the gallery. Nina, there to warn Ava to stay away from Sasha, calls 911.

Blonde hairs are found on the body. The med­i­cal examiner re­ports to Jor­dan that Mary Pat’s killer had se­ri­ous knife skills.


Ryan pays a visit to Kevin. Carly asks Ja­son to break into Fern­cliff to get an­swers about the mys­tery pa­tient, who she can’t stop think­ing about. He so­lic­its help from Sam and Cur­tis. At G.H., Laura is hav­ing words with “Kevin” when Carly in­ter­rupts to tell “Kevin” that she is work­ing to get more info about her neigh­bor. At Fern­cliff, Cur­tis, Sam and Ja­son are stunned by who they find in the room next to Carly’s old quar­ters: Nelle, who has faked a men­tal break­down to get

out of Pen­tonville. The trio is left to pon­der the iden­tity of Carly’s orig­i­nal neigh­bor.


Lucas and Ju­lian work to re­pair their re­la­tion­ship .... Britt is ad­mit­ted to G.H. as part of Anna and Finn’s plan to lure Obrecht back to town. She has a warm re­union with Brad, who spills the truth about Wi­ley to her. Spencer spies Britt as he is mak­ing ar­range­ments for his re­turn to Paris. They share their sad­ness about Niko­las, whose birth­day it is. Niko­las is also on Lulu’s mind; she and Peter bond over their de­ceased broth­ers .... Michael opens up to Bob­bie about his in­abil­ity to move past Nelle’s treach­ery.


Nina and Maxie ad­mit to each other that they’ve been spend­ing time with Valentin and Peter, re­spec­tively. To kill two birds with one stone, Nina asks Peter to at­tend Cur­tis and Jor­dan’s wed­ding with her.


While Kristina re­con­nects with Daisy af­ter spend­ing a fun Hal­loween to­gether, Ju­lian im­plores Os­car to rec­on­cile with Kim, and Kim drops in on Joss­lyn. She changes her mind about telling Joss that Os­car is sick when she sees Joss and Cameron to­gether. Ju­lian calls Kim to re­port that Os­car was struck with a blind­ing headache — but by the time Kim shows up, his pain is gone, thanks to Daisy’s heal­ing hands.


Sonny claims to Mar­gaux that her mother was

com­plicit in Vin­cent’s mur­der. To prove him wrong, she ac­com­pa­nies him to Jean­nette’s, wait­ing in the car while Sonny (who is wear­ing a wire so that Mar­gaux can lis­ten in) probes the widow about her in­volve­ment with Scully. Un­nerved, Jean­nette is about to de­stroy Scully’s love let­ters when Mar­gaux bursts in.


Chase has an­other awk­ward run-in with Wil­low. He and Jor­dan drop in on Liz and Franco, hop­ing to get Franco’s unique in­sight into the mind of Mary Pat’s killer. Franco does his best to help. Jor­dan and Chase then go to Carly’s; her DNA was found on Mary Pat.

flash­back to 2014 Like Father, Like Son: Niko­las sab­o­taged Port Charles’s may­oral elec­tion, cost­ing Felicia (Kristina Wag­ner) her right­ful of­fice.

What is Britt’s re­ac­tion when she finds out about Brad’s (Parry Shen) baby de­cep­tion? Kelly Thiebaud says:“Well, she def­i­nitely gets it! But she also re­ally feels for him and tries to give him an­other per­spec­tive.”

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