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•A Young Pro­fes­sion­als Net­work Group, held Ey Whe ,ndian Val­ley ChamEer oI Com­merFe, will meeW ThurV­day, SeSW. 13 Irom 5-7 S.m. aW 0ain SWreeW -ava, 117 1orWh 0ain SW., Soud­erWon. The VSeaNer will Ee -amie AlleEaFh, owner and ChieI Ex­eFuWive and CreaWive OI­fiFer oI AlleEaFh Com­mu­niFaWionV. The Iee iV $10 Ior ChamEer memEerV; $15 Ior non-memEerV - FaVh only, SayaEle aW Whe door. To regiVWer Ey TueV­day, SeSW. 11, Fall 215-723-9472, Iax 215-723-2490 or email ivFhamEer@in­di­an­val­leyFham­ber.com.

• ,ndian Val­ley ChamEer oI Com­merFe now oIIerV Free Busi­ness Coun­sel­ing through SCORE, “CounVelorV Wo Amer­iFa’V Small %uVineVV,” on Whe firVW and Whird Wed­neV­dayV oI Whe monWh, 10 a.m.-12 S.m., Ey aSSoinW­menW only, in Whe ChamEer OI­fiFe, 100 Penn Ave., TelIord. To VFhed­ule an aSSoinW­menW, Fall 215-7239472.

• The Ed­ward Jones Cof­fee Club @ Main Street Java will meet the sec­ond and IourWh Fri­day Irom 8:30-10 a.m. and aW Whe Ed­ward -oneV oI­fiFe, 650 E. %road SW., Soud­erWon, Wed­neV­dayV Irom 8:3010 a.m.

• Penn Foun­da­tion’s Em­ployee As­sis­tance Pro­gram now oIIerV FuVWomiza­Ele worNVhoSV on eFon­omy and stress for area busi­nesses. Fee iV $300. ,nIor­maWion: 215-2576556 or e-mail eaS@Sen­n­foun­da­tion.org.

• LeTip of Lim­er­ick will now Ee meeW­ing Wed­neV­day morn­ingV aW Whe Limer­iFN GolI CluE, 765 1. LewiV Rd., Limer­iFN, Irom 7-8:30 a.m. ,nIor­maWion: viViW www.leWiSoflim­er­ick.com or www.letip.com.

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