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• Grand View HoVSiWal presents Grand New You – Weight and Life­style Man­age­ment Pro­gram led Ey a Grand View HoVSiWal regiVtered di­eti­tian, so­cial worker and an ex­erFiVe ShyVi­ol­o­gist. Each 10-week ses­sion is uniquely diIIerenW and ad­dreVVeV VSeFi­fiF WoSiFV Wo helS maNe liIeVWyle FhangeV worN Ior you. You may join aW any Wime. Grand 1ew You in­FludeV weeNly FlaVVeV oIIered aW Fon­ve­nient times, meal plans deVigned Ior you Ey a dieWiWian, food jour­nal­ing, ex­er­cise tips, healWhy liIeVWyle and VWreVV­man­age­ment skills, help­ful hand­outs and recipes, and opWional weigh-inV. For VSeFi­fiF times, lo­ca­tions, and fees, call 215-453-3262.

• T’ai Chi and Qi Gong FlaVV iV oIIered SaWur­day morn­ingV aW Whe ChurFh oI Whe Holy SSiriW, Sum­neyWown PiNe and %arndW Road, Har­leyVville. ,nIor­maWion: 215-234-8020 or visit www.still­moun­

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