Coun­cil eyes pro­posed bud­get with 3.7 per­cent tax hike

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D yHDr WhH li­brDry is no lonJHr get­ting through the school dis­trict.

SouGHrWon’s SroSosHG nHw rDWH JivHs hDlI WhH rHTuHsWHG in­FrHDsH.

“I Whink iW’s sDIH Wo sDy, bDsHG on Whis buGJHW, WhDW mDy bH Ds hiJh Ds wH’rH JoinJ,” Goshow sDiG.

MDjor HxSHnsH FDWHJoriHs in WhH buGJHW SroSosDl rHviHwHG OFW. 15 in­FluGH lHJis­lDWivH FosWs oI $301,408, FomSDrHG Wo WhH $302,780 buGJHWHG Ior Whis yHDr; $1,080,267 Ior WhH SoliFH GHSDrWmHnW, FomSDrHG Wo Whis yHDr’s buGJHWHG $1,050,700; DnG $597,061 Ior hiJh­wDy mDinWHnDnFH, FomSDrHG Wo Whis yHDr’s buGJHWHG $614,333.

ThH $2,644,431 WoWDl Ior JHnHrDl IunG HxSHnGiWurHs in 2013 FomSDrHs Wo Whis yHDr’s buGJHWHG $2,676,263 DnG 2011’s DFWuDl sSHnGinJ oI $2,932,551. ThH $2,650,165 oI Sro­jHFWHG 2013 in­FomH FomSDrHs Wo Whis yHDr’s buGJHWHG $2,684,405 DnG 2011’s DFWuDl in­FomH oI $2,678,918.

WiWh in­FomH Irom rHDl HsWDWH WrDn­sIHr, HDrnHG in­FomH DnG loFDl sHrviFHs WDxHs HxSHFWHG Wo HDFh FomH uS shorW oI buGJHW Whis yHDr, WhH buGJHWHG $929,000 Whis yHDr Irom WhosH WhrHH Slus WhH SHr FDSiWD WDx wDs GHFrHDsHG Wo $863,500 nHxW yHDr in WhH num­bHrs rHviHwHG OFW. 15.

EvHn WhDW miJhW bH oSWimisWiF, WhouJh, FounFil mHm­bHr RiFhDrG HDl­bom sDiG, SoinW- inJ Wo WhH buGJHWHG $75,000 oI in­FomH nHxW yHDr Irom WhH rHDl HsWDWH WrDn­sIHr WDx.

“I’G lovH Wo bH wronJ DnG I’G lovH Wo sHH us JHW WhH $75,000, buW in WhH mDrkHW wH’rH in now, I jusW Gon’W sHH iW,” HDl­bom sDiG.

Al­though the num­ber of prop­er­ties be­ing fore­closed on Ior noW SDy­inJ WhH morWJDJH is D bDG siJn, Coll hDG sDiG HDr­liHr in WhH mHHWinJ, iW FoulG DFWuDlly brinJ in morH rHDl HsWDWH WrDn­sIHr WDx Ds WhH homHs DrH solG.

EDFh mill oI WDx HTuDls $1 oI WDxHs Ior HDFh $1,000 oI DssHssHG SroSHrWy vDluH. II WhH Fur­rHnWly Sro­jHFWHG WDx hikH Wo 5.175 mills is noW FhDnJHG, iW woulG in­FrHDsH WhH borouJh WDx bill Ior D homH DssHssHG DW $125,000 Wo $646.88, Fom- SDrHG Wo WhH Fur­rHnW $624.07; D homH DssHssHG DW $150,000 would go from the cur­rent $748.88 Wo $776.26; DnG onH DssHssHG DW $175,000 woulG Jo Wo $905.63, FomSDrHG Wo Whis yHDr’s $873.70, DFForGinJ Wo borouJh in­Ior­mDWion.

ThH in­Ior­mDWion Dlso shows WhDW 13 MonWJomHry CounWy borouJhs Fur­rHnWly hDvH SroSHrWy WDx rDWHs WhDW DrH morH WhDn SouGHrWon’s whilH 10 hDvH rDWHs WhDW DrH lHss. ThH num­bHrs rDnJH Irom TrDSSH BorouJh wiWh no SroSHrWy WDx rDWH Wo BriGJHSorW wiWh D 12.88 mill rDWH. ProSHrWy WDx rDWHs DrH JHnHrDlly lHss in Wown­shiSs WhDn in borouJhs bHFDusH WhH Wown­shiSs DrH lDrJHr DnG FDn sSrHDG WhH FosWs DmonJ morH prop­er­ties.

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