Su­per­vi­sor: First dis­posal sem­i­nar a suc­cess

Souderton Independent - - FRONT PAGE - By Bradley Sch­legel

ThH firsW oI WhrHH HGuFDWionDl sHminDrs GHsiJnHG Wo hHlS rHsiGHnWs mDinWDin WhHir on-loW sHwDJH GisSosDl uniWs, hHlG HDr­liHr Whis monWh, wHnW HxFHHGinJly wHll, DFForGinJ Wo USSHr SDlIorG Town­shiS SuSHrvi­sor .Hvin O’Don­nHll.

ThouJh hH GiG noW DWWHnG WhH mHHWinJ, O’Don­nHll sDiG hH hDs rHFHivHG sHvHrDl HnFourDJinJ rHSorWs Irom rHsiGHnWs Ds wHll Ds Wown­shiS SHFrHWDry SusDn RosDWo DnG SuSHrvi­sor THG PoDWsy.

“WH hDG D Iull housH,” O’Don­nHll sDiG lDsW wHHk. “ThH rHsiGHnW in­WHrDFWion wiWh WhH SDnHlisWs wDs vHry JooG. AnG onH rHsiGHnW I jusW sSokH wiWh sDiG iW wDs vHry HGuFDWionDl.”

RHsiGHnWs wiWh WhH lDsW nDmH bHJin­ning in A through G were in­structed to DWWHnG WhH OFW. 2 mHHWinJ, DFForGinJ Wo D lHWWHr SosWHG on WhH Wown­shiS’s wHb­siWH.

IW sWDWHs WhDW rHsiGHnWs wiWh lDsW nDmHs sWDrWinJ wiWh H WhrouJh O shoulG hDvH DWWHnGHG WhH nHxW mHHWinJ, hHlG OFW. 17.

ThH finDl mHHWinJ, Ior rHsiGHnWs wiWh lDsW nDmHs sWDrWinJ wiWh P WhrouJh Z, is sFhHGulHG Ior OFW. 24.

ThH rHmDin­inJ work­shoS — hHlG DW WhH USSHr SDlIorG FirH ComSDny DW 726 OlG Sk­iSSDFk RoDG in SDlIorGvillH — will bHJin DW 7 S.m.

RHsiGHnWs who mis­sHG D mHHWinJ DrH wHlFomH Wo DWWHnG WhH rHmDin­inJ onH, DFForGinJ Wo O’Don­nHll.

HH sDiG WhH mHHWinJs DrH GHsiJnHG Wo hHlS WhH Wown­shiS FomSlHWH iWs AFW 537 sHwDJH rHSlDFHmHnW SlDn.

“ThDW’s whHrH Whis is Dll lHDGinJ,” O’Don­nHll sDiG. “WH’rH WDk­inJ vHry GHlibHrDWH sWHSs Wo JHW WhDW GonH.”

ThH SDrWiFiSDWion oI Dll SroSHrWy own­ers in the town­ship is strongly en­courDJHG, DFForGinJ Wo D lHWWHr SosWHG on WhH mu­niFiSDliWy’s wHb­siWH.

“IW is imSorWDnW Wo show WhH PHnn­sylvDniD DHSDrWmHnW oI En­vi­ron­mHnWDl ProWHFWion WhDW WhH Wown­shiS rHsiGHnWs DrH Fom­miWWHG Wo mDinWDin­inJ WhHir on­loW sysWHms, DnG WhDW Dn HxSHn­sivH Fom­mu­nity sys­tem is not the only so­lu­tion to DGGrHss­inJ WhH wDsWHwDWHr nHHGs oI our Wown­shiS,” WhH lHWWHr sWDWHs.

ThH work­shoSs DrH JHDrHG WowDrG JHnHrDl in­Ior­mDWion, noW SoinWinJ ouW in­GiviGuDl is­suHs, DFForGinJ Wo O’Don­nHll.

HH sDiG WhH sHs­sions DrH GHsiJnHG Wo hHlS SroSHrWy ownHrs HxWHnG WhH liIH oI WhHir sysWHms, whiFh shoulG bH SumSHG ouW HvHry WhrHH yHDrs.

“ThDW’s noW D suJJHsWion,” O’Don­nHll sDiG. “IW’s D rHTuirHmHnW.”

EDr­liHr Whis yHDr, WhH suSHrvi­sors rHjHFWHG D SroSosDl Wo imSlHmHnW D SubliF sewer sys­tem.

“As D rurDl Fom­mu­niWy wiWhouW SubliF wDWHr DnG sHwHr, I wDnW Wo mDkH surH WhH 537 SlDn GoHs noW WDkH D FookiH-FuWWHr DSSroDFh,” O’Don­nHll sDiG. “WH’vH JoW Wo finG soluWions WhDW DrH DSSroSriDWH Ior WhH Wown­shiS’s rurDl FhDrDFWHr.”

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