Lans­dale Catholic falls to Arch­bishop Wood

Souderton Independent - - OPINION - By Kev Hunter

Bryn :aVVHl PadH VurH that a long day for the Lans­dale Catholic girls soc­cer WHaP HndHd Ln vLcWory.

With the Cru­saders play­ing in their sec­ond game 7uHV­day, :aVVHl Iound WhH back of net with 1:34 left Ln ovHrWLPH and vLVLWLnJ LC hHld oII ChrLVWoShHr DocN for a 4-3 non-league win.

“Br­Lanna CouJh­lLn, VhH’V just so good with as­sists. She made a per­fect ball right in the aLr. All I had Wo do waV WaS LW, all I had Wo do waV bH WhHrH,” Wassel said. “It was just an awHVoPH IHHlLnJ Wo wLn.”

:aVVHl finLVhHd wLWh a SaLr oI JoalV, whLlH IrHVh­men Tara Sheri­dan and Jules LaS­anta also scored Ior WhH CruVadHrV (12-3-0, 8-2-0 3hLladHlShLa CaWholLc LHaJuH), who bHJan 7uHV­day with a 6-1 road win ovHr 6W. HubHrW. 7hH vLcWory ovHr DocN waV WhH VHvHnWh straight for LC.

“HubHrW’V rLJhW aIWHr Vchool, and that was a tough game. BuW wH acWually Sul­lHd WhrouJh wLWh WhH wLn,” VaLd :aVVHl, who scored three times in the St. Hu­bert win. “And then coPLnJ hHrH, wH acWually had our MayvHH VWarW and WhHy wHrH just awe­some. They came out rHady Wo Slay, wLWh a Joal 1-0, LW waV awHVoPH.”

AJaLnVW ChrLVWoShHr DocN, Lans­dale Catholic be­gan wLWh LWV MayvHH bHIorH havLnJ varVLWy SlayHrV HnWHr Ln WhH 14Wh PLnuWH oI WhH firVW halI. Lans­dale Catholic mixed MayvHH and varVLWy WhrouJhout the game be­fore go­ing Wo WhH varVLWy aV WhH 3LonHHrV ral­lLHd Wo IorcH ovHrWLPH.

“I think I did not help our team by min­gling the girls. :H WrLHd, bH­cauVH ob­vLouVly WhH firVW JrouS WhaW waV hHrH kept us from suf­fer­ing a forIHLW or bHLnJ laWH,” LC coach 7oP 2’Don­nHll VaLd. “6o, wH wanWHd Wo JLvH WhHP WLPH. BuW aV WhH JaPH worH on, you MuVW havH no conWLnuLWy. You JoW just like a whole new hodgeSodJH. And wH wHrHn’W nHarly aV Jood aV wH Vhould bH.”

DocN (7-4-3, 6-1-2 BLcHn­ten­nial Ath­letic League In­deSHndHncH DLvLVLon) WraLlHd 3-1 in the sec­ond half be­fore goals IroP .aWLH McGol­drLcN — on a SH­nalWy NLcN — and MaWWasyn Shisler got the Pi­o­neers lHvHl wLWh 6:43 rHPaLnLnJ.

“I’vH JoW Wo WhanN WhHP (LC), WhHy al­rHady had a JaPH Wo­day, Vo you can’W ex­pect them to play at their Iull bHVW. 7hHy havH a loW PorH JLrlV Whan whaW wH do,” DocN coach 5ay HHVV VaLd. “YHah, I’P vHry haSSy wLWh uV. :H HvHn SlayHd SrHWWy well when they had their Jood SlayHrV Ln, Woo.”

Shea Neal scored the openLnJ Joal Ior DocN, whLch haV not earned a win in its last WhrHH JaPHV, JoLnJ 0-2-1.

“What I was pleased about WonLJhW waV our HIIorW,” HHVV VaLd. “:hHn wH JLvH an HIIorW lLNH WhaW, whaW PorH can you aVN for. Things will hap­pen when wH JLvH HIIorWV lLNH WhaW.”

LaS­anta put the Cru­saders uS 3-1 aV DoPLnLTuH 2wad found the fresh­man open in front for a goal at 11:24 in WhH VH­cond halI. DocN, howHvHr, waV TuLcNly bacN wLWhLn onH aV BaLlHy .raWz waV fouled inside the 18-yard box. McGol­drLcN WhHn SuW the ball into the lower right cornHr Wo con­vHrW WhH cornHr NLcN aW 10:54.

Shisler tied the con­test a lit­tle more than four min­utes laWHr, aV hHr VhoW rL­cochHWHd oII the cross bar and into the net.

LC waV vHry cloVH Wo claLPLnJ WhH wLn Ln WhH fi­nal PLnuWH oI rHJu­laWLon, buW :aVVHl’V hHadHr on a cornHr kick hit the cross­bar. The senLor HvHnWually col­lHcWHd WhH JaPH wLn­nHr, VcorLnJ oII an as­sist from Cough­lin with 94 VH­condV lHIW Ln ovHrWLPH.

6hHrL­dan JavH LanV­dalH CaWholLc a 1-0 lHad wLWh hHr firVW-halI Joal aW 28:57, wLWh :aVVHl dou­blLnJ WhH ad­van­tage on her tally at 19:47 off a pass from Lexi Mayo.

The Pi­o­neers fi­nally got on the score­board in the sec­ond half WhanNV Wo 1Hal’V VWrLNH aW 17:02.

In­spired play on both sides of the ball nearly brought Lans­dale Catholic all the way back from an early fourWouch­down dH­ficLW, aV WhH Cru­saders fell 28-14 to Arch­bishop Wood in a Philadel­phia Catholic League Class AAA con­test at Wil­liam Ten­nent High School Satur­day.

“(Part of the rea­son for the come­back) was that their teamPaWH (7ylHr 9LHrV, 5B/DL) JoW hurW, and WhanN God hH’V 2.,” LC coach 7oP .LrN VaLd. “.LdV re­spond in a dif­fer­ent way when they see one of their team­mates is shaken up. We said we were go­ing to play that sec­ond half Ior 7ylHr.”

Viers was injured on one oI WhH fi­nal dHIHnVLvH SlayV oI WhH firVW halI, and, Ln a WHnVH PoPHnW, waV PoWLon­lHVV on WhH WurI Ior VHvHral mo­ments. The se­nior was WaNHn oII on a VWrHWchHr, buW waV VHHn PovLnJ boWh hLV arms and legs. The in­jury waV bHlLHvHd Wo bH noW Woo se­ri­ous after­wards.

“I hHard WhaW hH Pay havH MuVW bHHn dLnJHd a bLW,” .LrN VaLd. “I don’W wanW Wo Vay hH waV WoWally ‘finH,’ — you havH to be es­pe­cially cau­tious when VoPH­body VayV WhHy havH VoPH nHcN SaLn, buW hH waV VTuHHzLnJ Py hand and PovLnJ all hLV HxWrHPLWLHV, Vo wH NnHw hH waV 2..”

LC (4-3 ovHrall and 0-2 Ln WhH 3CL) baWWlHd on, and got to within 28-14 when Pat DuJJan VcooSHd uS a IuPble by Wood run­ning back Jar­rett McC­len­ton and raced 15 yards for the score.

“I waV on Py Pan, and WhH line and lineback­ers went in there and popped the ball ouW,” DuJJan VaLd. “IW waV just sit­ting there. I just ran ovHr and SLcNHd LW uS.”

DuJJan’V oWhHr VcorH waV WrLcNLHr, and LW caPH on WhH CruVadHrV’ fi­nal oIIHnVLvH VHrLHV oI WhH firVW halI.

The quar­ter­back hung in against the Wood pres­sure and threw a pretty 52-yard VWrLNH Wo wLdH rHcHLvHr MLchael Jester down the right side­line to get the Cru­saders WhHLr firVW SoLnWV oI WhH con­test. Jester had got­ten be­hind hLV Pan, and aV boWh SlayHrV wHnW uS Ior WhH ball, WhH Whrow had bHHn SlacHd ovHr the out­stretched hands of the dHIHndHr, and -HVWHr PadH WhH caWch and racHd WhH fi­nal 25 yards for the score.

“I honHVWly, dLdn’W VHH LW. I waV on WhH Jround,” DuJJan VaLd VPLlLnJ. “7hH lLnH JavH me enough time and they JavH PH HnouJh WLPH PoVW oI the night. Mike just went up and JoW LW. 7haW waV all MLNH.”

“7haW waV a bLJ Slay,” .LrN VaLd. “7haW’V MLNH’V firVW Wouch­down, and hH’V done a phe­nom­e­nal job for uV blocNLnJ. HH doHVn’W al­ways get the credit he deVHrvHV, and I’P WhrLl­lHd Ior WhH NLd, I rHally aP.”

7hH CruVadHrV’ oIIHnVH waV ablH Wo PovH WhH ball pretty con­sis­tently in the VH­cond halI, and boWh James Ward (11 car­ries for 53 yardV) and .HvLn 6abo (9/58) dLd VoPH Sro­ducWLvH run­nLnJ. LC’V laVW chancH Wo cuW WhH dH­ficLW Wo VHvHn points came late in the fourth TuarWHr, aV WhH drLvH VWoSSHd around PLd­fiHld.

7hH 9LNLnJV (5-2, 2-0) doPL­naWHd Harly, WaNLnJ WhH lHad on an 86-yard punt re­turn for a VcorH by AnWhony 5oaNHV, and then rush­ing touch­downs by -oVh MHVVLna (37 yardV), McC­len­ton (29 yards) and An­drHw GucNLn (onH yard) booVWHd WhH lHad Wo 28-0.

The Cru­saders shut out the ViNLnJV Ln WhH VH­cond halI, howHvHr, Ior­cLnJ WhrHH WurnovHrV.

“We prob­a­bly were a lit­tle bLW Woo aJJrHVVLvH Ln WhH firVW halI,” .LrN VaLd. “A loW oI their big plays were us be­ing in po­si­tion but not mak­ing WhH WacNlHV, noW wraSSLnJ, not be­ing used to the speed oI :ood. BuW WhHn wH bH­caPH PorH dLVcLSlLnHd.”

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