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wHrH havLnJ VoPH Vuc­cHVV throw­ing those jump balls Harly on,” Gal­laJhHr VaLd. “(Bran­don IlNLw’V) a hHcN oI a rHcHLvHr. :H NnHw wH wHrH JoLnJ Wo VWruJJlH cov­HrLnJ him all night but the more SrHVVurH wH JoW, wH Ior­cHd quicker throws and less ac­cu­rate throws. We stopped WhH run vHry wHll WonLJhW. I waV vHry haSSy wLWh our IronW VHvHn and IronW HLJhW JuyV.”

Soud­er­ton looks to imSrovH LWV Slay­oII chancHV next week with its an­nual rL­valry JaPH wLWh 4uaNHrWown Ln WhH “309 Bowl.”

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