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• Zion Men­non­ite Nurs­ery School has been pro­vid­ing a pro­gram of kinder­garten readi­ness for chil­dren three and four years old for more than 4M yearsK ppots are still avail­able for the three year old af­ter­noon class on ques­day and qhurs­day and four year old af­ter­noon class on jon­dayI ted­nes­dayI and cri­dayK qhis pro­gram is an ex­cel­lent way to have your child ready for kinder­gartenK fn­ter­ested par­ents callI ONRTOP-PR9OK ppir­itI pum­ney­town mike at Barndt RdKI rp­per pal­fordK Ac­tiv­i­ties in­clude Chris­tian wor­shipI craftsI community ser­vice pro­jectsI study and recre­ational ac­tiv­i­tiesK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-OP4-8MOMK

• 7KH ,nGLDn 9DOOHy 3XEOLF iibrary has Bed­time Story Hours ev­ery ted­nes­dayI at T pKmK for sto­riesI songs and finJHU SODyV.

• Tot-Time is a free pro­gram for chil­dren from nine months to three years of age and their par­ent or child­care giverK qot-qime op­er­ates ted­nes­days and qhurs­days from 9WNR-NMWNR or NMWOMNNWOM aKmK at poud­er­ton Brethren in Christ ChurchI 494 Cherry RdKI poud­er­tonI and pro­vides free playI de­vel­op­men­tally ap­pro­pri­ate art ac­tiv­i­ties and a gen­tly struc­tured circle timeK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-TOP-T4R4K

• 7KH Young Nat­u­ral­istsI for eight-I nine- and NM-yearoldsI meet the sec­ond patur­day morn­ing of each month from 9WPM aKmK-NO pKmK for ac­tive classes fo­cus­ing on the nat­u­ral worldK mre-reg­is­tra­tion is re­quiredK All classes are held at the merkiomen tater­shed Con­ser­vancy’s Brown­stone Barn on the cor­ner of ealde­man Road and Route TP just out­side of pch­wenksvilleK fn­for­ma­tionW SNM-O8T-9P8P or visit wwwK perkiomen­wa­ter­shedKorgK

• 7KH Mont­gomery County 4-H pro­gram in­vites youths ages eight to N8 in­ter­ested in learn­ing about an­i­mals to join the An­i­mal pcience 4-e ClubK fn­for­ma­tionW SNM-489-4PNRK


• GUDnG 9LHZ HRVSLWDO 2XW­pa­tient Cen­terI 9NR iawn AveKI pellersvilleI is of­fer­ing Mas­sage Ther­apy ZLWK FHUWL­fiHG mas­sage ther­a­pist jar­i­anne sargo jon­days and ted­nes­daysK jar­i­anne does Re­lax­ationI pwedish mas­sageI qher­a­peu­tic aeep qis­sue jas­sageI ptretch­ingI Range of jo­tionI 5HflHxRORJy, HRW 5RFNV, DnG mreg­nancy jas­sageK cees vary from A4M to ATMK Reg­is­tra­tion is re­quired by call­ing ONR-OSOOST8K

• Heal­ing Rooms of Hopewell is a heal­ing min­istry avail­able for any­one in­ter­est­edK cor an ap­point­mentI call ONRTON-M8P4 or wwwKhopewellchris­tian­fel­low­shipK­comK

• GUDnG 9LHZ HRVSLWDO RIIHUV Free Blood Pres­sure Screen­ings the third ques­day of the month at ian­dis jar­ketI qelfordI NN aKmK-NO pKmK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-4RP-4OSRK

• Re­vised Times for Blood Pres­sure Clin­icsI pro­vided by korth menn skAI are as fol­lowsW bn­core bx­pe­ri­ences at HDUOHyVYLOOH, fiUVW :HGnHVGDy of ev­ery mon­thI 9WPM-NNWPM aKmK; ear­leysville Rite AideI fiUVW :HGnHVGDy RI HYHUy mon­thI NOWPM-O pKmK; qhe meak Cen­terI ians­daleI sec­ond ques­day of ev­ery mon­thI NM-NNWPM aKmK; and ke­shaminy callsI korth talesI third qhurs­day of ev­ery mon­thI 9WPM-NMWPM aKmK All other lo­ca­tions re­main un­changed from in­for­ma­tion you cur­rently haveK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-8RR-SN9NI ONR-8RR-8O9SI extK NNT or visit wwwKn­pv­naK orgLscreen­ingsKhtmK

• Free Glu­cose Test­ing will EH KHOG WKH fiUVW 7KXUVGDy RI ev­ery month from 9WPM-NMWPM aKmK at den­er­a­tions of fn­dian sal­leyI OR9 kK pecond ptKI poud­er­tonK qo sched­ule an ap­point­mentI call ONR-TOP-R84NK

• WIC is a health and nu­tri­tion pro­gram for preg­nant and breast­feed­ing women and for chil­drenK bli­gi­ble fam­i­lies will re­ceive help in buy­ing in­fant for­mu­laI milkI eggsI fruit juice and other ba­sicsK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-RPS-SRMMK

• Coun­sel­ing for I.V. Drug Users is avail­able free of FKDUJH WR TXDOL­fiHG LnGLYLGXDOV at menn coun­da­tionI 8MT iawn AveKI test Rock­hillK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-ORT-9999I extK OT4K

• Power Wheel­chairs are avail­able at no cost to se­nior cit­i­zens and per­ma­nently dis­abled of any ageI if they qual­i­fyK fn­for­ma­tionW N-8MM-O4SSMNMI N-8MM-8OP-ROOM or visit wwwKthree­wish­esOK­comK

• 7KH In­dian Val­ley Ki­wa­nis Club meets the fiUVW DnG WKLUG 7XHVGDy RI each month at noon at qhe kaceville eotelI County iine and Ridge RoadI test Rock­hillK qhe meet­ing in­cludes a lun­cheonI a speaker and so­cial­iz­ingK bvery­one is wel­comeK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-TOP-MRSRK

• 7KH Har­leysville Rotary Club meets ted­nes­days at T aKmK at een­ning’s jar­ket on pum­ney­town mikeK fn­for­ma­tionW ONRORS-S9PPK

• 7KH In­dian Val­ley Chris­tian Writ­ers Fel­low­ship PHHWV WKH fiUVW DnG WKLUG patur­days of the month at NM aKmK at the fn­dian sal­ley mublic iibraryI and is look­ing for new mem­bersK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-4RP-M4NR or ONR-TOP-4RTRK

• 7KH Soud­er­ton Lions Club PHHWV WKH fiUVW DnG third ted­nes­days of each month at T pKmK at the pellersville joose on mark Av­enueI pellersvilleK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-RP8-RTS8I daysK

• DHVLJnHG IRU ZRPHn WR cre­ate last­ing life busi­ness and per­sonal re­la­tion­shipsI Pow­er­ful You! Women’s Net­work Meet­ing will be held ev­ery third qhurs­day of each month from T-9 pKmK at heller tilliams Real bstateI SMN Bethlehem mikeI Build­ing BI puite NMMK qo RpsmW visit wwwKpow­er­fuly­ouK­com or call qabitha ja­gas at ONRPSO-P8NPK

• 7KH Coali­tion for Peace Ac­tion keeps a weekly peace vigil in pellersville each patur­day morn­ing from NM-NN aKmK jeet at the pellersville cire Com­pany in the far rear park­ing lotK mar­tic­i­pants walk up jain ptreetI past the re­cruit­ing sta­tionI to ptK Agnes Church at jain and koble streetsK Bring signs and good willK fn­for­ma­tionW ONR-ORT-NPMMK

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