An­nual Hal­loween parade draws a crowd in Har­leysville

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the parade con­gre­gated at the Har­leysville Community Cen­ter Ior Iree Iood and ac­tiv­i­ties.

Shol­len­berger said the parade was spon­sored by the Har­leysville Rotary, and sev­eral lo­cal busi­nesses con­trib­uted money to help with the cost oI the parade. Leon Florentino, the owner oI the Har­leysville Ho­tel, was this year’s grand mar­shal, ac­cord­ing to Shol­len­berger.

“He [Florentino] has been a busi­ness owner in Har­leysville Ior 39 years and has been a big sup­porter oI the parade Ior many years,” Shol­len­berger wrote in an email.

Ac­cord­ing to Shol­len­berger, the Lions Club and the ,ndian Val­ley Boys & Girls Club pro­vided the moon­bounces, the Har­leysville Rotary Club pro­vided hot dogs and the Har­leysville -aycees pro­vided drinNs and served ham­burg­ers.

.ent .rauss, vice pres­i­dent oI Har­leysville -aycees, said they served about 480 ham­burg­ers and 400 hot­dogs to 800 to 900 peo­ple that day.

Shol­len­berger also an­nounced the cos­tume win­ners oI the var­i­ous cat­e­gories aIter the parade at the community cen­ter.

First-place cos­tume win­ners won $15, sec­ond place won $10 and third place won $5.

2ne oI those first-place win­ners was Ryan Lear, who won the first grade through third grade cat­e­gory with his FranNen­stein cos­tume. Ryan’s Iace was painted green with black stitches, and he had bolts on his neck.

“, won $15!” Ryan said, wav­ing the bills in the air.

His mother, 1eide Lear, said she thought the parade was great and that her son had the best cos­tume there.

Steven and Tammy Reynolds also watched the parade and went bacN to the community cen­ter Ior the post-parade Ies­tiv­i­ties.

“,t was good — not too long,” Tammy Reynolds said. “,t Nept the Nids’ at­ten­tion.”

She said she liNed the group dressed up as “Char­lotte’s Web” char­ac­ters.

-en­niIer Woods, a res­i­dent oI the area who watched the parade, said the zom­bie with the car driven by a sNele­ton was the scari­est par­tic­i­pant in the parade.

“,t was very scary, even Ior grown-ups. , wanted to go hide out and get away,” she said.

Greg 0cGovern, a fi­nan­cial ad­viser and pres­i­dent oI the Rotary Club oI Har­leysville, said he thought there were more peo­ple at the parade than other years.

“,t was ex­cel­lent,” 0cGovern said. “We have beau­tiIul weather.”

The Rotary has been a spon­sor oI the parade Ior 15 years.

“,t’s some­thing we do ev­ery year. We liNe to give bacN to the community,” he said.

Den­nis .rauss, the Lions ad­viser Ior the Leos, said it was the Leos’ third year par­tic­i­pat­ing in the parade.

“The -aycees, Rotary and Lions worNed to­gether re­ally co­op­er­a­tively,” .rauss said, sport­ing a pinN nose and white whisNers.

This year, a new event was added: a “pump­kin chuck­ing” con­test.

Har­leysville Rotary Pres­i­dent-elect Glen 0iller said it was his idea to try out pumpNin chucNing this year. The pumpNins were put in a bowl at­tached to a wooden arm, which sat on a trailer.

The pumpNins did not go very Iar when cat­a­pulted, how­ever, and 0iller said they would maNe ad­just­ments Ior next year.

“1ext year, we’ll throw it a lot Iarther,” he said.

.yle .oIIel, past pres­i­dent oI the Har­leysville -aycees, said he Ielt Ior­tu­nate to live in a community with so many vol­un­teers and he was happy to help pro­mote a sense oI community.

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A pi­rate and his fam­ily sail by dur­ing the Har­leysville Hal­loween Parade Oct. 20.

A vam­pire hands out candy dur­ing the parade.

A wash­ing ma­chine hands out candy.

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