Soud­er­ton slowed by Strath Haven

Souderton Independent - - OPINION - By An­drew Marcus


com There is Hawaii and the Ba­hamas, and the moun­tains and the beaches just to name a few com­mon go-to places. But on this Mon­day in Oc­to­ber the only pre­ferred des­ti­na­tion spot in the Soud­er­ton fiHOG KRFkHy WHDP’V PiQG was the circle in front of Strath Haven’s cage.

The In­di­ans did not care how they got there, but in or­der to up­set the Pan­thers in the open­ing round of the Class AAA Dis­trict One SODyRIIV, WKHy QHHGHG WR fiQG a way to get in the circle early and of­ten.

First, the 23rd seed In­di­ans bused to Walling­ford and the JUDVV fiHOG RI WKH 10WK VHHGHG Pan­thers. Deal­ing with the un­even, nat­u­ral ter­rain was one of its wor­ries. Slow­ing down the Pan­thers’ at­tack was an­other.

Af­ter keep­ing it close for 50 min­utes the In­di­ans (9-9) could not visit the circle of­ten enough and the Pan­thers pulled away with the 4-1 win, bring­ing Big Red’s sea­son to an abrupt close.

“We just needed to get to the circle and get shots off, but we strug­gled,” In­di­ans’ fiUVW yHDU FRDFK LDuUHQ WKite­side said. “I don’t think our feet were to goal, I don’t think we were in the right places, and I don’t think we were ag­gres­sive as I wanted to be. It is a to­tally dif­fer­ent game on grass and we did not ad­just.”

Prac­tic­ing all week on grass could not pre­pare the In­di­ans’ enough for the hops and headaches the sur­face caused. The In­di­ans wished they were on their home turf, but know­ing there was noth­ing could do about it they continue to bat­tle the bounces to the best of their abil­ity.

“I think our tran­si­tion game was a lit­tle off,” White­side said. “We were back on our heels and not go­ing to the ball like we in­tended to.”

7KH fiUVW ERuQFH WR iQIuUi­ate the In­di­ans was in the 12th minute of ac­tion. A wild swing by a Pan­thers’ for­ward al­lowed the ball to catch some un­ex­pected air. The Pan­thers’ Katie Sherry wDV WKHUH fiQiVK. 7KH 3DQthers’ Kris­ten Baschoff in­creased the lead to 2-0 in the 19th minute.

“They got two early and WKH PRPHQWuP wDV GH­fiQiWHly in their fa­vor,” In­di­ans’ ju­nior Meghan Mc­Der­mott said. “We thought we had more time than we did and we did not shoot as much as we should have.”

Mc­Der­mott and the IndiDQV fiQiVKHG wiWK IRuU VKRWV on goal, all on the four cor­ners they re­ceived in the game. Each set play was GDQJHURuVOy FORVH WR fiQGing the back of the Pan­thers’ cage, how­ever only the Mc­Der­mott score in the 26th minute did so. Her in­sert pass even­tu­ally found its way back to her stick, where VKH wDV DEOH WR fiQiVK.

“Usu­ally the top hit­ters work to hit back to the post and on the goal I was there WR fiQiVK,” 0FDHUPRWW VDiG. “I think we are re­ally strong at cor­ners and if we had a few more we could have got a few more goals.”

The Pan­thers’ at­tempted nine cor­ners, scor­ing once, in the 54th minute (by Jes­sica Bor­bee) on a set in­sert play. The In­di­ans’ strug­gled to re­main fo­cused with re­al­iWy VHWWiQJ iQ DQG RQH fiQDO JRDO (Ey 5HEHFFD LuFFi) found its way to the back of WKH FDJH iQ WKH fiQDO PiQuWH, end­ing Soud­er­ton’s sea­son in sad­ness.

“There were some good de­fen­sive plays, but we could not get it up to the circle,” Mc­Der­mott said. “Our pass­ing was not there. We worked hard on long balls and we should have been ready for the grass.”

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