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• LeTip of Lim­er­ick will now be meet­ing Wed­nes­day morn­ings at the Lim­er­ick Golf

• ,ndLan 9aOOey ChamEer RI Com­merce now of­fers Free Busi­ness Coun­sel­ing thrRugh SCORE, “Coun­selors to Amer­ica’s Small Busi­ness,” Rn the first and thLrd :ed­nes­days RI the mRnth, 10 a.m.-12 S.m., Ey aSSRLnt­ment RnOy, Ln the ChamEer OI­fice, 100 3enn $ve., 7eOIRrd. 7R scheduOe an aSSRLnt­ment, caOO 215-7239472.

• 7he Ed­ward Jones Cof­fee Club @ Main Street Java wLOO meet the secRnd and IRurth FrL­day IrRm 8:30-10 a.m. and at the (dward -Rnes RI­fice, 650 (. BrRad 6t., 6Rud­ertRn, :ed­nes­days IrRm 8:3010 a.m.

• Penn Foun­da­tion’s Em­ployee As­sis­tance Pro­gram now of­fers cus­tom­iz­a­ble wRrNshRSs Rn ecRnRmy and stress IRr area EusL­nesses. Fee Ls $300. ,nIRr­matLRn: 215-2576556 or e-mail eap@pen­nIRun­datLRn.Rrg. Club, 765 N. Lewis Rd., Lim­er­ick, from 7-8:30 a.m. In­for­matLRn: vLsLt www.OetLSRflLm­er­ick.com or www.letip.com.

•$ Fam­ily Movie Night wLOO Ee heOd FrL­day, Oct. 26 at 7 S.m. at 3eace-7RhLcNRn /utheran Church, 100 OOd BethOe­hem 5d., 3erNasLe. 7he Iea­tured movie “Amelia” is a fact Eased drama whLch IROORws the OLIe RI the IamRus avLatRr, $me­OLa (arhart. $dmLssLRn Ls free. All are wel­come. In­for­matLRn: 215-257-3294.

• $n All You Can Eat Buf­fet Break­fast wLOO Ee heOd 6un­day, Oct. 28 IrRm 8 a.m.12 S.m. at .nLghts RI CROumEus, 3Lus ,; CRuncLO, 258 :est 8th 6t., /ans­daOe. CRst Ls A8 for adults; A7 for se­niors; A5 IRr chLO­dren ages 5-12; ac­tLve duty fire, SROLce, mLOL­tary and chLO­dren un­der five are Iree. ,nIRr­matLRn: 215-368-3044 Rr LnIR@NRIC4396.Rrg.

• 7he 17th An­nual Used Toy Sale wLOO Ee heOd FrL­day, NRv. 2 IrRm 6-8:30 S.m. and 6atur­day, NRv. 3 IrRm 9 a.m.-12 S.m. at 8SSer 6aOIRrd 9ROun­teer FLre CR., 782 OOd Skip­pack Rd., Sal­fordville. DR­natLRns RI TuaOLty, SrevLRusOy SOayed wLth tRys, games and ERRNs are EeLng ac­ceSted nRw un­tLO 6atur­day, Oct. 27. ,nIRr­matLRn: 610-287-0144 Rr 215-704-4813.

•$ Com­puter and Elec­tron­ics Re­cy­cling Event will Ee heOd 6atur­day, NRv. 3 IrRm 9 a.m.-1 S.m. at 6t. 3auO’s /utheran Church, 6Ruth 0aLn and Lin­coln Ave., Telford. Items for dis­posal in­clude: com­put­ers, mon­i­tors, print­ers, Iax machLnes, cRSLers, any cRmSuter reOated ac­cessRrLes (L.e. NeyERard, mLce), au­dioLvideo equip­ment (i.e. ster­eRs, 9C5’s), tv’s, sSeaNers, NLtchen and hRuse­hROd aSSOLances, cir­cuit board­sL­elec­tronic cRmSR­nents, CD’s/D9D’s, aOO ShRnes and LnN cartrLdges. DR nRt ErLng: any aSSOLance cRn­taLnLng FreRn (reIrLger­a­tors, freez­ers, air con­di­tion­ers, de­humLdL­fiers), fluRres­cent EuOEs Rr tuEes, Rr any haz­ardous ma­te­rial. In­for­ma­tion: green­team107@cRm­cast.net Rr vLsLt httS://hRme.cRm­cast. net/~green­team107/.

• 7he Seventh An­nual Hol­i­day Bazaar wLOO Ee heOd 6atur­day, NRv. 3 IrRm 10 a.m.2 S.m. at $rERur 6Tuare RI HarOeysvLOOe, 695 0aLn 6t. 7he SuEOLc Ls Ln­vLted IRr a chance tR SLcN uS unLTue gLIts, en­jRy Ounch Ln the 50’s CaIe, and taNe a tRur RI the cRm­munLty. ,nIRr­matLRn: 267-933-6402 Rr emaLO ngRdIrey@arERursquare.com.

• 7he 56th An­nual Hol­i­day Fair, sSRn­sRred Ey the :Rman’s COuE RI ,ndLan 9aOOey, wLOO Ee heOd 6atur­day, NRv. 10 IrRm 9 a.m.-3 S.m. at ,ndLan Crest 0Ld­dOe 6chRRO, 139 HarOeysvLOOe 3LNe, 6Rud­ertRn. Due tR the Oarge at­ten­dance Oast year, sSace Ls dRuEOed IRr the craIters, vendRrs and Oarge dLsSOays. ,nter­ested craIters and vendRrs caOO, 215-723-8255.

•$ Sleep Out for Home­less­ness wLOO Ee heOd 6atur­day, NRv. 10 at 5 S.m. at ZLRn 0en­nRnLte Church, 149 Cherry

• 7he an­nuaO Tur­key Din­ner wLOO Ee heOd 6atur­day, Nov. 3 from 4-7 p.m. at Lans­daOe 8nLted 0ethRdLst Church, 300 N. Broad St. Tick­ets are avaLOaEOe at the dRRr: aduOts, $12, chLO­dren 6-12, $4, five and un­der are free. Take­outs are avail­able.

• $n Au­tumn Trol­ley Fes­ti­val wLOO Ee heOd 6un­day, NRv. 4 IrRm 1-5 S.m. at the cRrner RI Ch­est­nut & :LOe $ve., 6Rud­ertRn. 7rROOey rLdes, IRRd, D-, NLds zRne, raIfles, vendRrs, craIts and much mRre. 9endRrs, craIters and yard saOe spa­ces avail­able. In­for­ma­tion: 267-664-4831 Rr jen@chest­nut­stSOay­grRund.Rrg. /ane, 6Rud­ertRn. $ Iun nLght IRr aOO ages - IamLOLes and yRuth cre­ate cardERard sheOters and sSend the nLght Rut­sLde, raLsLng aware­ness aERut hRmeOess­ness and IundLng IRr hRusLng SrR­grams. 5egLs­tratLRn: $25 grRuSs RI five Rr Oess, $100 grRuSs RI sLx Rr mRre at www.NeystRneRSSRr­tunLty. Rrg/events/sOeeSRut.

• $ Eus trLS tR the ChrLst­mas ex­hLELts at the Brandy­wine River Mu­seum and Long­wood Gar­dens wLOO Ee heOd 6atur­day, Dec. 1. 7he trLS deSarts at 1 S.m. and re­turns at 10 S.m. at 6chRRO 5Rad 3arN, 1619 6chRRO 5d., Hat­fieOd. 7he cost of A69 per per­son in­cludes roundtrip travel; ad­mis­sion to ERth at­trac­tLRns; the cRst RI an all-in­clu­sive cafe din­ner, tax and tLS at /Rng­wRRd Gar­den and bus driver tip. Reser­vatLRns are nRw EeLng ac­ceSted Ln Ser­sRn at the 7Rwn­shLS EuLOdLng, 1950 6chRRO 5d., Hat­fieOd Rr regLster RnOLne at www.(njRyHat­fieOd.Rrg. ,nIRr­matLRn: 215-855-0900.

• 7he 3re­sen­tatLRn RI Our /Rrd 8NraLnLan CathROLc Church, 1564 $OOen­tRwn 5d., 7Rwa­mencLn, hROds Bingo ev­ery :ed­nes­day. DRRrs RSen at 5 S.m.; games start at 7 S.m. Ad­mis­sion is A6. In­for­ma­tion: 215-362-9599 Rr 215-3683993.

• 7he 7yOer­sSRrt 9ROun­teer FLre CRmSany sSRn­sRrs Bingo ev­ery 7ues­day at 6:40 S.m. wLth a $1,000 jacNSRt ev­ery weeN. ,nIRr­matLRn: 215-4539666.

• Grand 9Lew HRsSL­taO presents Grand New You – Weight and Life­style Man­age­ment Pro­gram Oed Ey a Grand 9Lew HRsSL­taO regLstered di­eti­tian, so­cial worker and an ex­er­cLse ShysLRORgLst. (ach 10-weeN sessLRn Ls unLTueOy dLIIer­ent and ad­dresses sSecLfic tRSLcs tR heOS maNe OLIestyOe changes wRrN IRr yRu. YRu may jRLn at any tLme. Grand New YRu LncOudes weeNOy cOasses RIIered at cRn­ve­nient times, meal plans desLgned IRr yRu Ey a dLetLtLan, IRRd jRur­naOLng, ex­er­cLse tLSs, heaOthy OLIestyOe and stress­man­age­ment sNLOOs, heOSIuO handRuts and recLSes, and RStLR­naO weLgh-Lns. FRr sSecLfic times, lo­ca­tions, and fees, call 215-453-3262.

• T’ai Chi and Qi Gong cOass Ls RIIered 6atur­day mRrnLngs at the Church RI the HROy 6SLrLt, 6um­neytRwn 3LNe and Barndt 5Rad, HarOeysvLOOe. ,nIRr­matLRn: 215-234-8020 Rr visit www.still­moun­tain.net.

• 7he ,ndLan 9aOOey 3uEOLc /LErary has Bed­time Story Hours ev­ery :ed­nes­day, at 7 S.m. IRr stRrLes, sRngs and fin­ger SOays.

• Tot-Time Ls a Iree SrR­gram IRr chLO­dren IrRm nLne mRnths tR three years RI age and theLr Sar­ent Rr chLOd­care gLver. 7Rt7Lme RSer­ates :ed­nes­days and 7hurs­days IrRm 9:1510:15 Rr 10:20-11:20 a.m. at 6Rud­ertRn Brethren Ln ChrLst Church, 494 Cherry 5d., Soud­er­ton, and pro­vides free SOay, de­veORS­men­taOOy aSSrRSrLate art ac­tLvLtLes and a gen­tOy struc­tured circle time. In­for­matLRn: 215-723-7454.

• 7he Young Nat­u­ral­ists, IRr eLght-, nLne- and 10-yearROds, meet the secRnd 6atur­day mRrnLng RI each mRnth IrRm 9:30 a.m.-12 S.m. IRr ac­tLve cOasses IR­cusLng Rn the nat­u­raO wRrOd. 3re-regLs­tratLRn Ls reTuLred. $OO cOasses are heOd at the 3erNLR­men :ater­shed CRnser­vancy’s BrRwn­stRne Barn Rn the cRrner RI HaOde­man 5Rad and 5Rute 73 just Rut­sLde RI 6chwenNsvLOOe. ,nIRr­matLRn: 610-287-9383 Rr visit www.perkiomen­wa­ter­shed.Rrg.

• 7he Mont­gomery County 4-H SrR­gram Ln­vLtes yRuths ages eLght tR 18 Ln­ter­ested Ln OearnLng aERut anL­maOs tR jRLn the $nL­maO 6cLence 4-H COuE. ,nIRr­matLRn: 610-489-4315.

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