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• 7he an­nuaO Fam­ily Night Hike, sSRn­sRred Ey the 6$9( Rr­ganLza­tLRn IrRm 6Rud­ertRn $rea HLgh 6chRRO, wLOO Ee heOd FrL­day, Oct. 26 IrRm 6-9 S.m. at :est BrRad 6treet (Oe­men­tary 6chRRO, 6Rud­ertRn. 7he cRst Ls $3 Ser Ser­sRn. 7he theme Ls “7reN 7hrRugh Outer 6Sace.” 7he event, whLch Ls desLgned IRr yRung eOe­men­tary schRRO chLO­dren, LncOudes a hayrLde, a waON aORng can­dOe-OLt traLOs where SartLcLSants encRunter stRry­teOOers, rRastLng marsh­maOORws, carnL­vaO games and much mRre. ,nIRr­matLRn: 215723-4989.

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