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Very good ar­ti­cle by Tom Neale on hur­ri­canes [“The truth hurts: Storms just don’t care,” Fe­bru­ary]. They re­ally do not care, they just “do their thing.” What a lot of peo­ple do not re­al­ize is that there are very few hur­ri­cane holes when the storm gets in the Cat­e­gory 4 and above range. Although the lo­cals might say oth­er­wise, there are no shel­tered places in Florida at Cat­e­gory 3. The best pro­tec­tion is for the storm to go some­place else.

Our area on the north­ern Gulf of Mex­ico was flooded by Hur­ri­cane Den­nis in 2005, and the storm was nowhere in the area. We were hit by a wind band that pushed the wa­ter into Apalachee Bay and on shore to about 12 feet above sea level. I had a float­ing dock and all kinds of de­bris in the yard at Shell Point after the storm passed. C. Henry Depew Tallahassee, Florida

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