Soundings - - Mail Boat - Lee Davis via email

First, ku­dos for the great job you are do­ing with Sound­ings!

I en­joyed Mary South’s July 2018 ar­ti­cle about Larry Pol­ster’s Krogen 50 Open, even though it must have been the 4th or 5th I’ve read. When my wife and I were at Trawler Fest Stu­art a few months ago, she said that was the one she wanted. I asked Larry about his dad’s boat! He laughed and said em­phat­i­cally it was his boat. My age is show­ing. At 75, ev­ery­one shy of 80 looks young!

I also en­joyed the ar­ti­cle on page 58 about the AGM bat­ter­ies. Once again, how­ever, ex­perts re­fer to the AGM bat­ter­ies as aB­sorbed glass mat when the cor­rect term is aD­sorbed glass mat.

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