Main­stream me­dia is the public re­la­tions firm for Rus­sian in­tel­li­gence

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The main­stream me­dia has be­come ob­sessed with the made up story of “col­lu­sion” be­tween Trump and Rus­sia, though there has been ab­so­lutely no ev­i­dence pre­sented to sub­stan­ti­ate such in­tense cov­er­age.

In a lot of ways, an ob­jec­tive observer could make the case that main­stream me­dia (MSM) is ac­tu­ally col­lud­ing with the Rus­sian gov­ern­ment.

But be­fore I lay out my case, let’s set the stage.

So-called jour­nal­ists that work in MSM ar­gue that they are the ar­biters of the truth and the guardians of our democ­racy. Their mis­sion from God, in their nar­cis­sis­tic view, is to pro­tect Amer­i­can’s free speech and keep the gov­ern­ment in check.

Let me make this per­fectly clear: MSM is not an in­te­gral part of our democ­racy; MSM jour­nal­ists are not the ar­biters of truth. The Amer­i­can peo­ple are the only in­te­gral part of our democ­racy and the fi­nal ar­biters of the truth.We don’t need a bi­ased mid­dle­man.

I grad­u­ated from Oral Roberts Univer­sity with a de­gree in tax ac­count­ing. When I worked in cor­po­rate Amer­ica, I was bound by the stan­dards es­tab­lished by the Amer­i­can In­sti­tute of Cer­ti­fied Public Ac­coun­tants (AICPA); those stan­dards were my Bi­ble for all things ac­count­ing.

Like­wise, jour­nal­ists are “sup­posed” to be gov­erned by the prin­ci­ple es­tab­lished by the So­ci­ety of Pro­fes­sional Jour­nal­ists (SPJ). But of course, jour­nal­ists in MSM be­lieve they are not bound by the stan­dards de­lin­eated therein.

I wrote about this last Oc­to­ber, when I cri­tiqued MSMs cov­er­age of the pres­i­den­tial cam­paign last year. It was dis­cov­ered that jour­nal­ists from CNN, New York Times, POLITICO etc., were shown to be aid­ing and abet­ting the Clin­ton cam­paign and were never pulled off the cam­paign beat.This was proven through emails sent from the re­porters to the Clin­ton cam­paign and re­vealed by Wik­iLeaks; not with “anony­mous” sources.

Re­cently, I have writ­ten sev­eral col­umns ex­plain­ing how Rus­sia has un­leashed a psy­cho­log­i­cal op­er­a­tions (PSY-OPS) cam­paign on the Amer­i­can peo­ple and the main­stream me­dia has been in di­rect col­lu­sion with them.

MSM has been us­ing Rus­sian of­fi­cials as some of their anony­mous sources.Yeah, you heard right, Rus­sian of­fi­cials. This is how ridicu­lous Rus­sia’s pys-ops cam­paign has got­ten. The Rus­sians are good.

The story goes like this: MSNBC re­ports that The New York Times is re­port­ing that an anony­mous source tells their re­porter, that Jared Kush­ner is a per­son of in­ter­est in the FBI probe into pos­si­ble col­lu­sion of the Trump cam­paign with Rus­sia.

Do you have a headache yet? I do. Fur­ther­more, there is ab­so­lutely no such le­gal term in law en­force­ment as a per­son of in­ter­est! Ei­ther you are un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion or you are not.

More im­por­tantly, MSM and their sanc­ti­mo­nious re­porters are in to­tal vi­o­la­tion of their own code of jour­nal­is­tic ethics, not that MSM ever had any. Ac­cord­ing to the SPJ,“The So­ci­ety de­clares th­ese four prin­ci­ples as the foun­da­tion of eth­i­cal jour­nal­ism and en­cour­ages their use in its prac­tice by all peo­ple in all me­dia.” Their four prin­ci­ples are: Seek Truth and Re­port It, Minimize Harm, Act In­de­pen­dently, and Be Ac­count­able and Trans­par­ent. How many jour­nal­ists can say with a straight face that the main­stream me­dia has lived up to th­ese stan­dards?

Har­vard Univer­sity’s Shoren­stein Cen­ter on Me­dia, Pol­i­tics, and Public Pol­icy is­sued an in­ter­est­ing study in May.The cen­ter an­a­lyzed cov­er­age of Trump’s first 100 days in the MSM.

A few of their find­ings were: CNN’s cov­er­age was 93 per­cent neg­a­tive, NBC was 93 per­cent neg­a­tive, and CBS was 91 per­cent neg­a­tive. The New York Times was 87 per­cent neg­a­tive, The Washington Post was 83 per­cent neg­a­tive, and The Wall Street Jour­nal was 70 per­cent neg­a­tive.

Jux­ta­pose that with other facts from the study. Obama got 41 per­cent neg­a­tive sto­ries dur­ing his first 100 days; G.W. Bush re­ceived 57 per­cent neg­a­tive cov­er­age, and Clin­ton re­ceived 60 per­cent neg­a­tive. The study didn’t sur­vey any Black me­dia out­lets, but I know from per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence that many of them are far worse than the main­stream me­dia.

When one speaks of a coup, one usu­ally is speak­ing of a dic­ta­to­rial regime be­ing over­thrown – not the pres­i­dent of the United States (POTUS).

But since Don­ald Trump has be­come POTUS, we have seen daily at­tempts to bring him down by Lib­er­als who are us­ing ev­ery weapon in their ar­se­nal to lit­er­ally de­stroy him.

Their shock and awe at Hil­lary Clin­ton los­ing the 2016 elec­tions hit Democrats so hard, par­tic­u­larly politi­cians, the lib­eral main­stream me­dia and the Hol­ly­wood elites, they have re­sorted to un­re­strained curs­ing throw­ing F-bombs in­dis­crim­i­nately into mi­cro­phones on stages, in­cit­ing ri­ots on col­lege cam­puses, man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pletely false nar­ra­tives de­signed to un­der­mine Trump’s pres­i­dency and fi­nally, ma­nip­u­lat­ing fake news sto­ries. All the late night shows, along with the news an­chors on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times,The Washington Post, and the en­tire lib­eral me­dia net­works were found to put out over 95 per­cent neg­a­tive cov­er­age about our new pres­i­dent. At all the awards shows, Hol­ly­wood stars took turns ridi­cul­ing Trump and the First Fam­ily.

As early as one day away from the in­au­gu­ra­tion, Madonna spewed such ha­tred into the mic that she con­fessed to want­ing to bomb the White House with Trump and his fam­ily in it. Co­me­dian Kathy Griffin thought it ap­pro­pri­ate to hold a bloody sev­ered Trump look-alike head in her hand as part of her rou­tine. One cow­ard poked fun at Trump’s 10 – year old son.

All of this ul­ti­mately re­sulted in an at­tempted as­sas­si­na­tion of Repub­li­can con­gress­men and their staff at a com­pletely in­nocu­ous base­ball prac­tice game. Yet TV per­son­al­i­ties on MSNBC, CBS, and CNN took joy in blam­ing the Repub­li­cans (It was their own fault) for be­ing shot at.

There once was a time when re­gard­less of whether POTUS was from your po­lit­i­cal party

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