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our 'friends' across the bor­ders. This is a short game for "45," and sadly, many of us may not all be around to see it to the end.

Even more rea­sons to tell your story be­fore you leave this earth, and be­fore the re­ver­sals of all we know be­comes er­ro­neously etched in the 'his story' books.

Maya also said, "There is no greater agony than bear­ing an un­told story inside you."

But what about so many other un­told sto­ries?

For in­stance, we will never know the full truth about San­dra Bland, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamar Rice, to name just a few lost to po­lice (or racially mo­ti­vated) vi­o­lence.

Or of Michael Jackson. Prince.Whit­ney. Or, fill in the blank about some fa­vorite celebri­ties.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to read what Colin Kaeper­nick has to say, in his own words, about tak­ing a knee- al­ready rec­og­nized as a time-hon­ored form of black protest be­fore he took that ac­tion.

That list is only the tip of the ice­berg of the sto­ries we need to write for our­selves, and specif­i­cally about the many and var­i­ous forms of protests we have adopted over the past 400+ years: from slave ship re­bel­lions (The Amis­tad was only one), to plan­ta­tion up­ris­ings (Nat Turner is only one), to re­sist­ing Jim Crow laws and other il­le­gal treat­ment (Rosa Parks was only one), to more sub­tle sick-outs, sit-ins, street marches, chants, our lives as slaves, then col­oreds, Ne­groes, blacks, be­com­ing African-Amer­i­cans and, yes, to the near-univer­sal ac­cep­tance that black lives mat­ter.

Heck, our ma­te­rial would fill a li­brary with fresh sto­ries.

In the mean­time, black me­dia, black his­to­ri­ans, com­men­ta­tors and pun­dits are un­der tremen­dous pres­sure to 'keep it real' and to get it right-with ev­ery story, ev­ery tweet, and ev­ery com­ment com­ing to our at­ten­tiondaily.

So, even if we are busy writ­ing our own story, we still have to keep those who look like us who have been of­fered a pub­lic plat­form un­der close scru­tiny, and not let any one of them slip into a semi-coma, in­duced by the eupho­ria of be­ing ac­cepted by the es­tab­lish­ment. We know who they are, and they should im­me­di­ately be cor­rected for speak­ing, writ­ing and declar­ing un­truths about the state of black folk in Amer­ica.

Once again, I take in­struc­tion from Maya who said, "The de­sire to reach for the stars is am­bi­tious. The de­sire to reach hearts is wise."

Stay wise, my friends. Stay woke. Con­tact Us 954.356.9360 • 2701 W Oak­land Park Blvd, Suite 320 • Oak­land Park, FL 33311 •

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