Trump is best re­al­ity check for blacks

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cam­paign that Bill Clin­ton un­corked white na­tion­al­ism against Barack Obama and to black peo­ple’s sur­prise, white lib­er­als and mod­er­ates said noth­ing. The flood­gates opened wider and nasty stuff emerged from white Amer­ica and es­ca­lated through­out the Obama’s ten­ure in the White House. It had to be quite ev­i­dent even to a cur­sory ob­server that a swath of white Amer­ica no longer wanted to be diplo­matic about their “white supremacy sys­tem/cul­ture.”

Don­ald Trump played white na­tion­al­ism like a vir­tu­oso pi­anist on the white keys with his birtherism me­dia farce. What re­ally went down was all me­dia jumped on the Trump band­wagon be­cause he chal­lenged the birthright of a pres­i­dent of the USA. No one had ever dis­re­spected a sit­ting pres­i­dent’s very birth. In­stead of mount­ing a boy­cott of any and all me­dia that ran with Trump’s scam, black civil rights groups, elected of­fi­cials and the black church mur­mured some­what in­co­her­ently what lit­tle any did speak.

Now that Trump is in the White House, has the Supreme Court and both houses of Congress, and con­ser­vatism has nudged prac­ti­cally to the edge of far right just at fas­cism’s open door, will black peo­ple con­tinue fol­low­ing the same long road to nowhere or what?

Will “Trump­ism” force black Amer­ica to re-as­sess our mostly group pol­i­tics and be­nign eco­nomic ap­proach within an in­creas­ingly apartheid cul­ture? Will blacks fi­nally get off the snide, the hus­tle, of civil rights and so-called lib­er­al­ism and ne­go­ti­ate within the en­tire Amer­i­can po­lit­i­cal world for ac­cess from strate­gi­cally or­ga­nized plat­forms?

It’s all over folks, the hand outs, look­ing for do-good­ers, ask­ing God to do it for us and just wait­ing around for some­thing good to hap­pen. Black Amer­i­cans must get up and do for our com­mu­ni­ties; be­come self re­liant for sur­vival and the cre­ation of a clear path for the de­vel­op­ment of our un­lim­ited hu­man ca­pac­ity.

Not only is pub­lic ed­u­ca­tion on its last legs, but the level of mis-ed­u­ca­tion in strat­i­fied black schools that’s be­ing tol­er­ated by the black church, black so-called ed­u­ca­tors, civil rights groups and black elected of­fi­cials is a high crime. White kids are do­ing cod­ing, ro­bot­ics and ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence.

Trump­ism is here and black folks had best get busy.

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