MSNBC's Joy Reid can't prove hack­ers wrote 'hurt­ful' posts

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NEW YORK (AP) - MSNBC's Joy Reid, un­der fire for ho­mo­pho­bic lan­guage in old blog posts, apol­o­gized Satur­day for any past com­ments that be­lit­tled or mocked the LGBTQ com­mu­nity and says she hasn't been able to ver­ify her claim that her ac­count was hacked.

Reid opened her week­end show “AM Joy'' by ac­knowl­edg­ing she has said “dumb'' and “hurt­ful'' things in the past. “The per­son I am now is not the per­son I was then,'' she said.

But she was un­able to ex­plain blog posts from a decade ago that mocked gay peo­ple and in­di­vid­u­als who were al­legedly gay. Reid has de­nied post­ing them al­to­gether but says se­cu­rity ex­perts she hired who looked into whether she had been a hack­ing vic­tim found no proof.

“I gen­uinely do not be­lieve I wrote those hate­ful things be­cause they are com­pletely alien to me. But I can def­i­nitely un­der­stand, based on things I have tweeted and have writ­ten in the past, why some peo­ple don't be­lieve me,'' she said.

“I have not been ex­empt for be­ing dumb or cruel or hurt­ful to the very peo­ple I want to ad­vo­cate for. I own that. I get it. And for that I am truly, truly sorry.''

The posts that came to light in De­cem­ber were writ­ten for “The Reid Re­port,'' her blog when she was cov­er­ing Florida pol­i­tics a decade ago. In posts, she refers to then-Florida Gov. Char­lie Crist as “Miss Char­lie'' and sug­gested he was “ogling the male wait­ers'' on his hon­ey­moon after mar­ry­ing his wife, whom he has since di­vorced. She ques­tioned whether the mar­riage was a sham by a gay man who thought it would help him po­lit­i­cally.

Reid apol­o­gized, say­ing her re­marks were “in­sen­si­tive, tone deaf and dumb.'' On Satur­day, she apol­o­gized also to Ann Coul­ter for us­ing trans­gen­der stereo­types to de­scribe the con­ser­va­tive com­men­ta­tor.

This week, Me­di­aite re­vealed a set of other sup­posed blog posts. In one of these posts, Reid sup­pos­edly notes that “most straight peo­ple cringe at the sight of two men kiss­ing'' and that she couldn't see the movie “Broke­back Moun­tain'' be­cause she didn't want to watch two male char­ac­ters hav­ing sex. An­other post says that a lot of het­ero­sex­u­als find the idea of ho­mo­sex­ual sex to be gross and that there are con­cerns that gay men tend to be at­tracted to young, post-pubescent types and want to bring them “into the life­style.''

Reid has said that these posts were “fab­ri­cated and run counter to my per­sonal be­liefs and ide­ol­ogy.'' She re­it­er­ated that on Satur­day but ac­knowl­edged she has made hate­ful com­ments and has hope­fully “grown as a per­son.''

“I look back today at some of the ways I've talked ca­su­ally about peo­ple and gen­der iden­tity and sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion, and I won­der who that even was. But the re­al­ity, like a lot of peo­ple in this coun­try, that per­son was me.''

After read­ing her fiveminute state­ment, Reid then led a panel dis­cus­sion on gen­der stereo­types and is­sues fac­ing the LGBT com­mu­nity.


MSNBC's Joy Reid says she has "grown as a per­son" after her anti-gay writ­ings sur­faced.

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