The legacy of lynch­ing is hard to fathom

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Now, one hun­dred fifty years (plus) after eman­ci­pa­tion, we re­main on guard against any/all forms of mod­ern day lynch­ing.

Re­mem­ber, it was not too long ago that a black body was dragged be­hind a ve­hi­cle ‘down south’. And, across the coun­try, black males are still be­ing shot in the back by po­lice. Lest we for­get, the bat­tered and dead body of San­dra Bland, a rare fe­male vic­tim, is still sub­ject to in­quiry. By the way, the po­lice of­fi­cer who ar­rested San­dra Bland was just re­cently found not guilty of any mis­con­duct.

Mod­ern day lynch­ing threats also in­clude the daily ter­ror poised over us by the cur­rent ad­min­is­tra­tion’s jus­tice depart­ment poli­cies. No small threats; they are be­ing vis­ited upon us in a va­ri­ety of so­phis­ti­cated mea­sures, and not-so sub­tle forms.

Many have al­ready com­mented on the ac­tual and/or pro­posed roll backs to the jus­tice sys­tem: the pend­ing ap­point­ments of more law-and-or­der judges; the grow­ing con­ser­vatism across the coun­try un­der the as­cen­dance of cer­tain evan­gel­i­cal thought lead­ers, to name a few.

In ad­di­tion, now we have to put up de­fenses against a grow­ing new re­li­gion that threat­ens to un­leash an­other round of the pub­lic lynch­ing of our souls: Trump­ism, coined by Charles Blow, Colum­nist,

“Trump­ism” Blow writes, “is the be­lief that even the least qual­i­fied man is a bet­ter choice than the most qual­i­fied woman and a be­lief that the most vile, anti-in­tel­lec­tual, scan­dalplagued sim­ple­ton of a white man is suf­fi­cient to fol­low in the pres­i­den­tial foot­steps of the best ed­u­cated, most elo­quent, most af­fa­ble black man.”

Why is this be­lief a threat to us? What does it have to do with mod­ern-day lynch­ing?

Be­cause hold­ing this be­lief em­bold­ens those who al­ready have a propen­sity to re­sort to vi­o­lence against us; to take up the clar­ion call, in the name of their new-found re­li­gion, to vi­o­lently act out on our pre­cious bod­ies.

Look at Ted Nu­gent, who con­tin­u­ously calls for just such ac­tion; at the end of his pre­cious guns.

I’m suf­fi­ciently scared that once un­leashed, mob rule, the MO of com­mon lynch­ing, is just a hair’s breath away from the volatile and cringe-wor­thy pro­nounce­ments from #45.

I’m con­vinced that, what ap­pears to be a spike in the growth of lone-shooter do­mes­tic ter­ror­ism, is the di­rect re­sult of clues and cues taken from the tone and tenor of #45’s tweets and bald-faced dis­re­gard for the well-es­tab­lished rules of law. Even though thinly en­forced for our pro­tec­tions, the men and women in blue are walk­ing on tin­der kegs them­selves; the tight rope be­tween law and or­der reg­u­la­tions and their blue cul­ture bias against blacks. One spark. Just one. Thrown my hands up? No. And nei­ther should you.

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