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That horse just scores so good, it seems like I can al­most ping the bar­rier ev­ery time. That steer was good, but they were 7.3 on him the sec­ond round, and I think the dif­fer­ence was in my start.


Rus­sell Car­doza and I were three teams from the bot­tom here in the frst round at the Red Bluff (Calif.) Roundup, and the steers were a lit­tle trashy. It seems like a lot of peo­ple were los­ing legs to be re­ally fast. We knew our steer from the Hork Dog, and he was the bet­ter one of the herd. I thought he was a loper, but I got such a good start that I got up there and he checked off. He came around and the steer checked off. He’s right up there around that steer, and he roped him the very frst jump. Where he heeled him, I wasn’t to the left fence yet, so I got a re­ally good face and fnish and it took a half a sec­ond off the run. That horse faces amaz­ing. We were 5.0 to win the round.

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