What’s Your Num­ber: Q&A with Ter­rance Pers­son

Ter­rance Pers­son, with Gil­lette, Wyo.

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NUM­BER AND END: I’m a straight #5 both ends, but I mostly heel.

AS­SO­CI­A­TION OF PREF­ER­ENCE: As of now, I sup­pose it would prob­a­bly be the World Se­ries of Team Rop­ing. I like rop­ing for the tremen­dous amounts of money more than any­thing.

ROPE OF CHOICE: Any­thing will work head­ing. I mostly use the Cac­tus Whistler heel­ing. I’ve used those ropes for about 10 years. I guess I’m pretty well used to them.

BIG­GEST WIN: I won a big check at the World Se­ries Fi­nale a cou­ple of years ago with Kay Miller. We were in the top 20. That was pretty cool. (Miller, Scotts­bluff, Neb., and Pers­son took home $14,000 in 2013 fnish­ing 14th in the #10 Bloomer Fi­nale VIII.)

BEST HORSE YOU’VE EVER RID­DEN: I sup­pose I did as good on one I called “Trade” as any­thing. He was a heel horse. I rode him at least 10 years. He’d just give me a shot ev­ery time. He never seemed to get short. I couldn’t tell you why they work for me some­times. That one, I just at­tribute to luck. I ac­tu­ally got that horse from Julie Mankin’s dad (Bill Mankin). Julie and I won a lot of money to­gether when I was rid­ing that horse. I guess that’s par­tially why I picked him; she’s been on my mind lately. We’ve al­ways been good friends.

WHY YOU ROPE: I en­joy the friends I make. We’re out in the boonies here and trav­el­ling all the time. When you get to the jack­pots, more of­ten than not, it’s just a whole lot of good peo­ple. COM­PE­TI­TION PHI­LOS­O­PHY: I heel so I don’t need one! No, I just re­ally try not to beat my­self any­more. From ex­pe­ri­ence, I think about 3/4 of the teams just beat them­selves even­tu­ally.

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR FAM­ILY: I’ve been mar­ried pretty much for­ever. My wife, Cindy, and I have two sons, Drew and Ben. They went to school and came back to the ranch. One ropes a lit­tle more than the other. They make me nice horses now.

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR REAL JOB: We have a ranch out­side of Buf­falo, Wyo. It’s called “Ranch.” Some­times we call it work and some­times we call it fun. We mostly just run cows. When I leave for Ari­zona, the boys stay home and work on the ranch. At least that’s what they tell me.


YOUR FA­VORITE ROP­ING: We win­ter in Wick­en­burg, Ariz., for about six months. I do a lot more rop­ing in the win­ter­time. I’d have to say Beaver’s Horse World there in Wick­en­burg. It’s just a weekly jack­pot but it’s a good one.

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