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Con­fi­dence is the in­ner men­tal game to com­pe­ti­tion. In the heat of bat­tle, when the money’s up, wher­ever your con­fi­dence level is can cer­tainly have an im­pact on your abil­ity to per­form. Over the years just study­ing cow­boys I’ve com­peted against—most of whom are friends I’ve spent a lot of time with—some guys tend to be nat­u­rally more con­fi­dent than oth­ers. If you’re nat­u­rally con­fi­dent, that’s an as­set. If you’re not you have to find a way to cre­ate enough con­fi­dence to make up for it. Per­son­ally, I’ve al­ways gained my con­fi­dence through hard work and prac­tice. I was inspired when I was a young kid—10 years old or so—when I watched the movie Rocky. The un­der­dog story where every­body counted him out and gave him no chance inspired me. His heart, his work ethic and try helped Rocky Bal­boa over­come his sit­u­a­tion.


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