WHAT’S YOUR NUM­BER? With Donny Davis

Donny Davis, from Butte, Mont., talks to Spin To Win Rodeo after win­ning $5,110 at the #10 Special Fees Rop­ing in Billings, Mont.

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Num­ber and End: 5 plus, both.

As­so­ci­a­tion of Pref­er­ence: Def­i­nitely the World Se­ries of Team Rop­ing. We do many of the World Se­ries rop­ings be­cause we love the pay out and the peo­ple, and also, as I’ve got­ten a lit­tle bit older, it’s nice to be able to get away from the younger crowd.

Rope of Choice: Fast Back

Big­gest Win: It was at the USTRC Fi­nals about 20 years. We won about $28,000.

How You Got Into Rop­ing: Since we were young kids, my five brothers and I, we al­ways rodeoed with my dad. We rode bulls, sad­dle broncs, bare­back horses, and of course we team roped, but he said if we wanted to con­tinue to ride rough­stock we needed to rope. So we kept rop­ing, and you know even­tu­ally, you get too old to ride rough­stock. Out of the six of us brothers, three of us still con­tinue to rope, and one of my brothers is the part­ner with whom I won this last rop­ing. When I first started, I was left-handed and I was told I couldn’t rope if I didn’t learn how to do it right handed, so now it’s the only thing I can do right handed. I got tired of them mak­ing fun of me! The cool part about qual­i­fy­ing this year is I’ve been go­ing to the Fi­nale for the past six years, and my mom has never been able to make it. My mom is 86 years old, and this year she de­cided she can come, so we are re­ally ex­cited about that.

Tell Me About Your #10 Win: We had fresh cat­tle, my brother and I have been rop­ing a lot of fresh cat­tle at home this year. We are way be­hind ev­ery­one else, you know, be­cause our cat­tle are just get­ting broke in. So any­way, at the rop­ing I told my brother, “These cat­tle are real fresh,” es­pe­cially be­cause I had roped in the #13 and #12 the day be­fore, so I had a feel for what the cat­tle were like. He just turned 60 this year so he was able to tie on, so I told him, “I’ll crunch them real hard and set the cat­tle up for you, so don’t ex­pect them to go fly­ing out of there, I’ll hold them in the hole a lit­tle longer.” So we kind of had a plan and went at it.

A lot of teams were strug­gling with the faster, fresher cat­tle, so we kind of just kept the game go­ing and were able to come out on top. It helps that we had a game plan. I just wanted him to know I wasn’t go­ing to take off with it, just set them up and let him have them. It’s nice to have a win like this early on, it helps get you go­ing for the year. I called my mom, told her happy Mother’s Day, pack your bags, you’re go­ing to Las Ve­gas! Some­times we don’t get qual­i­fied un­til mid-Au­gust, so it’s nice for us be­cause we can get rooms ear­lier, since many times in Au­gust everything is sold out. My wife ropes, but she’s had surgery on her el­bow, so we are hop­ing she can re­cover quickly and get qual­i­fied early on as well.

Your Fa­vorite Rop­ing: My fa­vorite rop­ings are some of the ones they have up here. Rod Ly­man is a friend of mine and I like his rop­ings a lot. But I love the one in Liv­ingston, Mont. The World Se­ries Fi­nale is on the top there as well, we re­ally en­joy see­ing the peo­ple and get­ting caught up with old friends when we go to Ve­gas.

Best Horse You Ever Rode: The one I just lost. I had taken him to the Fi­nale twice. He was 11 years old and his name was Rooster. He broke his pelvis, and we had to put him down, but he was the best horse I’ve ever rid­den. I had him for five years, and he had the World Se­ries start down per­fect. Peo­ple at rop­ings used to talk about how fast he could get out of the box, but hon­estly, he was made for it.

Why You Rope: I’ve al­ways been com­pet­i­tive. I re­ally en­joy com­pet­ing, and it’s some­thing my wife and I do, so it’s some­thing we can en­joy to­gether. We love be­ing around our friends who rope, and it just keeps us go­ing. Also I think it’s just in my blood--it’s what I know. But prob­a­bly the big­gest as­pect is the com­pe­ti­tion as­pect of it all, and get­ting to travel while do­ing what you love.

Com­pe­ti­tion Phi­los­o­phy: I’ve al­ways been an ath­lete. I speed skated all over the world. I con­cen­trate on go­ing out, set­ting up the steer and go­ing for it. Pres­sure never re­ally both­ered me, I just go do my deal and let it fall where it falls.

Tell Me About Your Real Job: I run a con­struc­tion com­pany—we own Davis Con­struc­tion. We do gen­eral con­tract­ing in Butte, Mont. We build everything from com­mer­cial build­ings to in­door are­nas to a lot of con­crete--re­ally everything.


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