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Know­ing how to win means that when the ball is in your court, you cap­i­tal­ize on it. When it comes down to it and you do what it takes to win—that’s what you can con­sider be­ing a win­ner. I try to fo­cus and get ready to make my run. That’s what I’ve tried to learn to do through­out the year. Each steer mat­ters. Each could be the dif­fer­ence be­tween a gold buckle or not. Each one is im­por­tant.

On big days, like at the BFI, you have to bring your A game be­cause ev­ery­one else is, too. I think about set­ting the run up and fo­cus­ing on the start and what I need to see. I try to have a game plan for the day as to whether I need to be ag­gres­sive at the start and how ag­gres­sive I want to ride and rope.

Get­ting to rope with Brad (Culpep­per) my rookie year re­ally helped me de­velop my men­tal strategy. He taught me how to deal with ad­ver­sity and all the vari­ables in rodeo. Back home, the rodeos don’t pay very much and you have to go for first. Out here, you learn to rope to place be­cause you can still make good money. And I learned how to jack­pot bet­ter roping with Jade (Corkill). His at­ti­tude is so sharp. He al­ways told me we weren’t out of it un­til we had a no-time. Grow­ing up, I was al­ways go­ing for first and that car­ried over into my jack­pot­ting. You can’t have that men­tal­ity at a jack­pot be­cause at some point, you’ll push the max too far and it will back­fire. I’ve learned to set­tle down in my roping quite a bit.

I’ve dropped the ball a lot, too. If you rope enough, it’s go­ing to hap­pen. The more you can fo­cus and be pre­pared to do your job, the less likely you’ll be to drop the ball and the fewer times it will hap­pen. In life in gen­eral, hav­ing your stuff to­gether and be­ing ready for the op­por­tu­nity will make you a win­ner. Make sure your tack is ready, your horses are ready, you’re prac­ticed up. Don’t let small stuff hin­der you from win­ning.

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