Give your heeler the same look ev­ery time.

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with Justin Davis

Set­ting up the cor­ner is one of the most im­por­tant tech­niques of­ten by­passed by am­a­teur rop­ers. Ev­ery­body is wor­ried about their head loop or how fast theyre stick­ing it on them. But if your heeler cant have a fast, ef­fi­cient shot ev­ery time, youre tak­ing away con­sis­tency in your run. $s a header, its our Mob to slow things down to al­low the run to de­velop to make our run faster. Learn­ing to gain con­trol of the steers head to help gain con­trol of his back feet is a crit­i­cal step in speed­ing up your times and in­creas­ing your con­sis­tency.

The first step would be to make sure your an­gles are good. What , mean by that is, as youre ap­proach­ing the steer, if youre too far in be­hind him, that will cause you to sharpen your cor­ner too much and cause the steers feet to swing out as the cor­ner starts. <ou lose con­trol of his feet at that time. ,f youre too wide as you stick it on the steer, your steer will run around the cor­ner a lit­tle faster and dam­age your run for your heeler in the cor­ner. <our po­si­tion should be cor­rect go­ing to the steer to set up your cor­ner{ about 10 to 12 feet to the left of the steer. That gives you enough space when you set up the cor­ner, you can bring that steers head back to you. 2nce his head starts com­ing to­ward his left shoul­der, youre gain­ing con­trol of the steer.

2nce you gain con­trol of his head, you want to slow your horse down through the cor­ner to where the steer doesnt change speeds through the cor­ner. $ lot of times, rop­ers think theyre go­ing the same speed across the pen as they were go­ing down the pen. But in re­al­ity, theyre speed­ing that steer up. <our horse has to slow down to main­tain the same speed as the steer be­cause youre ac­tu­ally gain­ing on that steer run­ning down the arena, go­ing faster than hes go­ing. ,f you slow down and al­low that cor­ner to de­velop, the first hop will be the same as the third, fourth or fifth to al­low your heeler to make a Mudg­ment call of where his or her best shot is. ,f you speed your cor­ner up, that will change the run for the heeler. <ou need to al­low your heeler to read the run from the first hop to de­cide when best to de­liver.



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