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Nine-time WNFR heeler Ce­sar de la Cruz eval­u­ates the steer size and ground con­di­tions be­fore he de­cides which weapon he’ll pull out of his rope bag.


When I show up some­where, I look at the ground. That’s got a lot to do with rope se­lec­tion. If it’s deep, that can change how your loop hits. I’m go­ing to try to use as stiff of a rope as I pos­si­bly can. The stiffer, the bet­ter. If the ground is hard, I’ll use a softer rope be­cause it’s go­ing to want to bounce when it hits the ground. A stiffer rope will bounce if you get ag­gres­sive with your de­liv­ery. At Cheyenne—the ground is deep there in the mid­dle, so I’ll get the stiffest rope I can find with those big huge steers.


If the cat­tle are big­ger and stronger, I’ll get the stiffest, big­gest-feel­ing rope I can find in my rope bag. If they’re smaller, lit­tle na­tive steers like we rope in Texas a lot, I’ll get a softer, lighter rope. That way I can swing a lit­tle faster and keep up with their feet. Big­ger cat­tle don’t move as fast, so that’s why I try to get a big­ger, stiffer rope for a big­ger, stronger steer. RODEO

If I go to a rodeo ver­sus a jack­pot, es­pe­cially a sit­u­a­tion like Fort Worth that will be faster, I’ll use a stiffer rope be­cause it’s just a one-head, and I need my loop to stay open be­cause I’ll take a faster, more ag­gres­sive shot.


If I’m at a jack­pot and I’m go­ing to rope 20 steers all day, I want a softer rope that’s re­ally easy to swing. I’m not go­ing to throw on the first hop every sin­gle time, so I want a rope that will help me be con­sis­tent all day.

Ce­sar de la Cruz has been test­ing a new rope for Fast Back Ropes, and it will launch this spring.

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