Jake Barnes Doc­u­men­tary: 28 Things You’ll Dis­cover

Spin to Win Rodeo - - Ropers - ByJakeBarnes

1. Why ev­ery se­ri­ous roper MUST rope the dummy ev­ery day ( HINT: It’s the #1 rea­son Michael Jor­dan won 6 NBA Cham­pi­onships). 2. The big­gest mis­take rop­ers make when fac­ing and the fastest way to avoid it. 3. The 1 ninja trick world cham­pion rop­ers use to stop their horses from get­ting in­jured. 4. A com­plete guide to spurs & why Jake wears a sharper spur on his right foot. 5. The lit­tle-known se­cret tool Jake uses to en­cour­age his horse to face bet­ter. 6. How to pre­pare your young horse for an elec­tric eye bar­rier vs. a string bar­rier. 7. Dis­cover how to de­velop con­trol through the cor­ner to give your heeler the best shot pos­si­ble. 8. The drills ev­ery roper MUST use on their horse to cor­rect bad habits like duck­ing off. 9. The #1 el­e­ment of con­trol in horse train­ing ( HINT: Mas­ter this & it will im­prove your scor­ing, han­dles and fac­ing). 10. The sin­gle most ef­fec­tive drill you can use to train your horse to stand prop­erly in the box. 11. How to im­prove your scor­ing with one sim­ple trick. 12. Why you must teach your horse to leave when you re­lease your hand - Rather than with the sound of the gate (Get this wrong & it leads to dis­as­ter). 13. The se­cret to get your horse to ‘Rate Off’ be­fore the cor­ner & main­tain ef­fort­less con­trol of the Run. 14. Cau­tion: A tale of wrecks: How to avoid them & the VI­TAL sign you MUST pay at­ten­tion to your sur­round­ings. 15. The fastest way to be­come a bet­ter roper… This tech­nique is dead sim­ple. 16. Why the se­cret to im­prov­ing your rop­ing skills is to use your feet. 17. The sin­gle big­gest key to rop­ing fast is… 18. Why “keep­ing your horse light in your hands” is the true se­cret to ex­plod­ing your con­trol. 19. The sim­ple tech­nique world cham­pion rop­ers use to teach their horse how to pull through the cor­ner & how to face. 20. #1 quick­est way to drop the flag. 21. The tiny mis­take head­ers make that adds time to their runs - PLUS how to fix it al­most in­stantly. 22. Why you need a horse that knows more than you do. 23. The dis­as­trous mis­take rop­ers make that causes their horse to face too early. 24. The #1 key distinc­tion that truly sep­a­rates a world cham­pion roper from your av­er­age jack­pot­ter. 25. The se­cret drill a world cham­pion de­vel­oped to solve this prob­lem FAST. 26. Why it’s VI­TAL you leave the box on time & the #1 thing you must do to STOP your horse from lock­ing up. 27. How to de­velop a spe­cific game plan & goal for ev­ery run. 28. Why a sim­ple bri­dle ad­just­ment can dra­mat­i­cally im­prove your con­trol… IF you do it right. 29. To get the doc­u­men­tary for 50% OFF, go to JBrop­ing.com.

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