Prac­tice How You Com­pete.

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The most com­mon prob­lem, even for my­self, and with the ex­cep­tion of about 10 guys, is rop­ing great in the prac­tice pen and then fall­ing apart in com­pe­ti­tion. Lots of rop­ers prac­tice a cer­tain way and rope great at home, and then they do ter­ri­ble ev­ery time they com­pete. And that comes down to this: you ei­ther com­pete like you prac­tice or prac­tice like you com­pete. You have to put in that re­al­is­tic ef­fort and make it the same at home.

Rop­ers will free their horses up and score and keep them hon­est, and then you try to be 4.0 when you get some­where. Peo­ple will run 50 steers in a week and only try to be 4.0 on three. That’s a prob­lem, be­cause the way you prac­tice and the way you com­pete need to match.

You have to sac­ri­fice some runs in the prac­tice pen for yourself. You need to prac­tice for your head horse, but you have to make time for yourself. I have not had a self­ish prac­tice for my­self since I started head­ing ex­cept maybe three times, and if you look at the stand­ings, it shows. If you don’t have a prac­tice horse, it shows. The guys who do so good—Kaleb Drig­gers, specif­i­cally—prac­tice the way they com­pete. Kaleb will go at sev­eral of them ag­gres­sively ev­ery day on his prac­tice horses. The guys who do good have the prac­tice horses that are worth as much as their com­pe­ti­tion horses be­cause they keep the com­peti­tors sharp, even if they don’t score or face as well. It’s what you have to do—it makes you feel like you’re get­ting a horse to ruin him, but they’re worth it.

I’m the big­gest hyp­ocrite ever right now— be­cause I know it needs done, and I don’t do it. If a guy is go­ing to be the best, you have to make the sac­ri­fices to have the self­ish runs that aren’t for your horse, aren’t for your part­ner, and aren’t for any­body but yourself.

Han­son headed for Motes in 2018, but will re­turn to the heel side for the 2019 sea­son.

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