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Pos­si­bly the most unique redfish des­ti­na­tion is Mos­quito La­goon in east cen­tral Florida. The la­goon runs from the south­ern tip of New Smyrna Beach to the north end of Mer­ritt Is­land and en­com­passes more than 21,000 acres of shal­low, clear flats with less than a foot of tidal flow.

Sci­en­tists have doc­u­mented this redfish pop­u­la­tion as the first ever known to spawn in an es­tu­ary (ver­sus off­shore). Some even be­lieve that this is an evolved strain of redfish, dif­fer­ent from its rel­a­tives in the At­lantic and Gulf coastal wa­ters.

The fish re­side in the la­goon year-round, mak­ing it the best area to tar­get tro­phy redfish on the flats along Florida’s east coast. How­ever, if you ven­ture out in the summer evenings, you’ll quickly un­der­stand how the area ac­quired its name.

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