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I caught this crea­ture in Buzios (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil, with an ar­ti­fi­cial bait. I would like to know the name of this species.

Livio Massa Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You man­aged to catch the largest goby in the trop­i­cal western At­lantic re­gion, the vi­o­let goby, Go­bioides brous­son­netii. This eel-like gi­ant of the goby clan is known to reach a length of over 20 inches. It ranges from South Carolina through Brazil, in­clud­ing the Gulf of Mex­ico, usu­ally in ar­eas with muddy bot­toms. It can tol­er­ate a wide range of salin­i­ties and has been re­ported from fresh, brack­ish and marine water, both nearshore and off­shore. How­ever, it’s most of­ten en­coun­tered in muddy bays and es­tu­ar­ies. I’ve never seen any­thing pub­lished re­gard­ing its food value, but go­b­ies are eaten in other parts of the world, and this one cer­tainly grows large enough to fry up!

Vi­o­let goby

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