in Or­der of Break Strength (15-pound braid to 30-pound mono)

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*This en­trant’s method in­cor­po­rates a dou­bled length of braid with two knots: a Bi­mini or other knot to cre­ate the dou­ble line and the knot con­nect­ing the dou­bled braid to the flu­oro leader. The knot shown here was the weaker of the two knots.

**The braid was dou­bled to tie the knot but with­out cre­at­ing a Bi­mini loop, leav­ing a sin­gle strand of braid to the knot.

Here are the top 21 knots in this cat­e­gory (pic­tured be­low and on the next spread).

Im­proved FG 80.9%

FG 73.4%

Cat’s Paw 72.1%

Bi­mini 70.3%

FG vari­a­tion 69.1%

PR 84.3%

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