Sonar units need trans­duc­ers to func­tion. Air­mar Tech­nol­ogy has some gen­eral rec­om­men­da­tions for in­shore/nearshore ves­sels that pair with many com­mon mul­ti­func­tion dis­plays.

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This medium-fre­quency chirp-ready tran­som-mount unit is bud­get friendly. The 300-watt trans­ducer cov­ers the 95 to 155 kilo­hertz band with beam widths from 26 to 17 de­grees, of­fer­ing good bot­tom cov­er­age and shal­low to mid-depth per­for­mance.


A 600-watt tilted-el­e­ment, through-hull trans­ducer that cov­ers the 130 to 210 kilo­hertz high-fre­quency band, with beam widths from 15 to 9 de­grees, this chirp-ready unit pro­vides de­tail of fish hold­ing close to struc­ture and the bot­tom.


With a con­stant 25-de­gree beam in a high-fre­quency band (150 to 250 kilo­hertz), this op­tion pro­vides op­ti­mal de­tail of the bot­tom, fish and bait­fish around struc­ture, plus a cov­er­age area roughly 22 feet in di­am­e­ter at 50 feet of depth. A power rat­ing of 1 kilo­watt means more power on tar­get (sounder de­pen­dent) for even greater de­tail.

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