More than One Way to Skin a Dol­phin

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In the laid-back Florida Keys, any name — mahimahi, do­rado, dol­phin or the re­cently-in­vogue dol­phin­fish — is per­fectly fine, but what­ever they call

Co­ryphaena hip­pu­rus, Keys cap­tains have strong opin­ions on how to skin them.

“I pull the skin. It’s eas­ier,” Lewis says. He makes a shal­low cut around the perime­ter of the fil­let, then grabs the front up­per cor­ner of skin with pli­ers, and pulls. “The mem­brane that’s left be­hind is gone once you cook it. If it’s a large bull with tough skin, split the fil­let along the spine, and pull it off in two pieces.”

“I never pull the skin. It makes the meat bit­ter,” Wein­hofer says, be­cause, he main­tains, the fla­vor stays in the fil­let even af­ter the white, fi­brous skin mem­brane cooks away. He prefers in­stead to run a wide, sharp knife par­al­lel to the clean­ing ta­ble, not an­gled down to­ward the skin as when skin­ning most species.

“It’s just as fast to cut off the skin,” Navarro says. “The fil­let looks bet­ter, and pulling the skin makes a huge mess. It takes prac­tice though.”

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