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Small changes equal big re­sults in AGV’S new track hel­mets


Small changes equal big re­sults in AGV’S new track hel­mets

AGV has re­leased two new hel­mets—the Corsa R and Pista GP R— and is mak­ing big claims about each, like “the ul­ti­mate track hel­met” about the first and “100 per­cent the same hel­met as Motogp” about the lat­ter. For­tu­nately, the com­pany is able to back up those claims. Both hel­mets ar­rive avail­able to the public with sev­eral re­fine­ments and new fea­tures af­ter years of de­vel­op­ment by AGV’S top rid­ers. These are AGV’S best work. Both hel­mets come in seven sizes (XS–XXL) that fea­ture four shell sizes and dif­fer­ent pad­ding for proper fit. The main dif­fer­ence be­tween the two hel­mets is that the Pista GP R’s shell is con­structed of 100- per­cent car­bon fiber for a slight weight sav­ings of 95 grams over the Corsa R, which has a shell built of a car­bon/kevlar/fiber­glass mix.

AGV em­ploy­ees con­stantly boast about the im­pres­sive field of vi­sion on their hel­mets, and they have a rea­son to. Both the Pista GP R and the Corsa R em­ploy an all- new vi­sor that is 5mm thick (in­stead of 3.3mm) for more pro­tec­tion and ho­molo­gated as Class 1 Op­tic— mean­ing it of­fers the high­est level of trans­parency pos­si­ble. The vi­sor also al­lows for 190 de­grees of hor­i­zon­tal view (most hel­mets on the mar­ket are from 170 to 180 de­grees) and 85 de­grees of ver­ti­cal view, which AGV says is the re­sult of a new, very small vi­sor mech­a­nism.

Ven­ti­la­tion is­sues have been ad­dressed in both hel­mets, with each us­ing re­worked vents and air chan­nels to im­prove cool­ing and re­duce vi­sor fog­ging in all con­di­tions. En­gi­neers gave the Pista a few touches to sep­a­rate it from the Corsa and make it ready for world- class rac­ers to use, like a hy­dra­tion sys­tem with a Camel­bak drink­ing valve that is ac­ces­si­ble dur­ing rid­ing.


To my pleas­ant sur­prise, when I first tried on the new Corsa R as part of its press in­tro­duc­tion at But­ton­wil­low Race­way, it fit. Un­like my pre­vi­ous ex­pe­ri­ences with AGV hel­mets, there was no ad­just­ing the fit with dif­fer­ent- size pads, no try­ing a size up or size down— it just fit. And it fit well.

The AGV team re­designed the in­ner work­ings of both hel­mets, and what they have come up with is a very bal­anced and im­proved fi t. Size small (my usual size) fi t near per­fectly and wasn’t too tight like other AGVS have been in the past. The in­ner lin­ing and cheek pads were both very com­fort­able and soft yet prop­erly snug, mak­ing me con­fi­dent the hel­met would pro­tect me if all went wrong.

Vis­i­bil­ity in the Corsa R is phe­nom­e­nal, and the large eye­port al­lows you to use all of your pe­riph­eral vi­sion pos­si­ble with­out any piece of the hel­met ob­struct­ing your view. The hel­met’s aero­dy­nam­ics are also a plus; there was hardly any buf­fet­ing even at high speeds. And although it wasn’t hot the day of the press launch, the ven­ti­la­tion worked well and the air­flow in­side the hel­met was calm.

The only is­sue I found with the Corsa R is that the high- fit­ting shape of the shell leaves the back of your neck feel­ing ex­posed— not pre­ferred when fly­ing around a race­track. AGV chose that shape to be con­toured around the body to help re­duce col­lar­bone in­juries dur­ing crashes, but it re­ally takes away some of my con­fi­dence that the hel­met will cover some of my neck in the event of a crash.

There’s no doubt that AGV has stepped up its game, and its two new mod­els— the Corsa R and Pista GP R— will com­pete with any of the top hel­mets on the mar­ket in terms of com­fort and per­for­mance. The only is­sue? You bet­ter have a deep pocket of change to af­ford ei­ther. The Corsa R is be­ing priced at $799.95 for solids and $999.95 for graph­ics, while the Pista GP R’s price tag starts at $1,399.95 for solids with graph­ics be­ing $1,599.95. SR

Both hel­mets come stan­dard with an all- new Class 1 Op­tic vi­sor that is now 5mm thick and al­lows for an in­cred­i­ble amount of vis­i­bil­ity in hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal di­rec­tions.

A day spent in the Corsa R helped prove that AGV did its homework be­fore up­dat­ing both mod­els. The ven­ti­la­tion is great, vis­i­bil­ity is phe­nom­e­nal, and the fi t is much more com­fort­able than be­fore. The re­versible crown pad of the Corsa R fea­tures dif­feren

The Pista also gets a new aero­dy­namic spoiler, which con­trib­utes to a 4- per­cent im­prove­ment in aero­dy­nam­ics over the pre­vi­ous Pista GP, top metal vents for more strength, large ex­ter­nal scoops to feed air into the vents, and an ad­justable crown pad for per­son­al­ized fit.

Unique to the Corsa R is the world’s first dou­ble- sided crown com­fort pad that al­lows you to ad­just for vary­ing con­di­tions. On one side of the pad, AGV used a Shal­i­mar ma­te­rial meant to help keep your nog­gin warm in cool weather and on the other a Ritmo ma­te­rial to keep it cool and dry in hot tem­per­a­tures.

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