It is Writ­ten ~ 2 Ti­mothy 3:16-17

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“All Scrip­ture is given by inspiration by God, and is prof­itable for doc­trine (teach­ing), for re­proof (crit­i­cism), for cor­rec­tion (im­prove­ment), for in­struc­tion (train­ing) in right­eous­ness (liv­ing holy), that the per­son of God may be com­plete (pro­fi­cient), thor­oughly (fully) equipped for every good work.” ~ 2 Ti­mothy 3:16-17

Though I have been pre­par­ing an­other writ­ing, the Lord im­pressed on me re­gard­ing His Word known as The Bi­ble. The Bi­ble is the liv­ing Word of God and as the Apos­tle Paul penned, it is used to guide every be­liever in their daily liv­ing. If you want to know an­swers in life, then you need to look no fur­ther than the Word of God. If you want to know how to live ac­cord­ing to what God says, look to the Word of God.

Yes, the Word of God comes in var­i­ous trans­la­tions and lan­guages, but let us not get caught up in the one trans­la­tion only KJV ide­ol­ogy. As stu­dent's (dis­ci­ples) we need to study of the Word of God, I my­self have learned much more through the study of the He­brew and Greek lan­guage. I will tell you this, Je­sus and the Apos­tles did not use “thee or thou” and the “th” at the end of their words.

How­ever, what I want to ad­dress is the lack of the knowl­edge and un­der­stand­ing of the Word of God by many. When I visit a church or a per­son's home, I tend to ob­serve the Bi­ble they use. Some­times I ask, “how long have you had this Bi­ble?” This helps me to know how much they use that Bi­ble. When they re­spond that they have had it for a long time and it looks al­most brand new, then it tells me they do not use it to say the least. When I see a Bi­ble that is worn with per­sonal tabs, many un­der­line scrip­tures, it tells me they study. The Bi­ble is not to look pretty on your cof­fee ta­ble or shelf, but should be an in­tri­cate in­stru­ment for your daily liv­ing.

Yet, an­other is­sue to the lack of use of the Word of God can be found in many churches to­day. Hey! We don't use the Bi­ble, be­cause the preacher has the Scrip­ture put on the Jumbo Screen or “The verses are printed in the bulletin.”. That's the prob­lem. Have our churches be­came lazy in the teach­ing of how to search out the Scrip­tures? “Oh, we use ours in Sun­day-School.” Okay, but what about in the sanc­tu­ary? What sad­dens me and I be­lieve oth­ers will con­cur, is when a preacher says, “If you have your Bi­ble”, in­stead of “Open your Bi­ble to…” The lazi­ness is, we have be­come ac­cus­tom to fancy elec­tronic gizmo's that we for­get the ba­sic foun­da­tions of search­ing out the Word of God. Have we be­come like baby birds who wait on what is re­gur­gi­tated by the mama bird? This means, we rely only what the preacher says with­out open­ing our Bi­ble to make sure what is pre­sented is so. In Acts 17:11, the Jews in Berea were fair-minded and “they re­ceived the word with all readi­ness, and searched the Scrip­tures daily to find out whether these things were so.” This means what was pre­sented to them, they didn't take it face-value just be­cause the preacher said so, they stud­ied the Scrip­tures to make sure what was pre­sented to them was cor­rect.

Some may ar­gue, “well they may not have the money to buy a Bi­ble?” If you can af­ford your beer, Co­caCola's, cig­a­rettes, or other en­ter­tain­ment, you can af­ford a Bi­ble. How­ever, many churches make Bibles avail­able by plac­ing them in the church pews. So there re­ally are no ex­cuses why you can't open the Bi­ble in church.

An­other way you can tell if a per­son reads their Bi­ble, is how they con­duct their lives. A per­son who calls them­selves a Christian is held more ac­count­able to God by how they live, than those who are not. God knows who are gen­uine, make-be­liev­ers, sel­f­righ­teous, and non-be­liev­ers. We are known by our fruit. Yes, we can righ­teously judge a per­son by the fruit one bears. This is not fine-tooth comb­ing every step or word they speak. This is bas­ing their fruit by the Word of God (Gala­tians 5:16-26). The Pharisees and lead­ers were more self-right­eous and quoted scrip­ture left and right, which gave the ap­pear­ance of be­ing re­li­gious, but ac­tu­ally were like a grave full of dead bones (Matthew 23:27).

Now un­der­stand, we can­not con­demn a per­son for their sin ac­tions, but out of love guide them to what the Word of God says in hope to lead them to re­pen­tance, if so you have done good (Matthew 18:15). In to­day's so­ci­ety those who de­sire to prac­tice sin (lifestyle) will usu­ally be the ones to quickly quote scrip­ture such as not keep­ing the Sab­bath, eat­ing shrimp, pork, and so on. They are those who love their sins and don't want them pointed out. To quote scrip­ture we must un­der­stand that Satan also quotes scrip­ture. Just look at Matthew 4 when Je­sus was con­fronted by Satan. Satan knows the Scrip­ture bet­ter than any preacher, and be­cause he knows the scrip­ture, he is able to twist the scrip­ture to mis­lead oth­ers. This is why we must fer­vently study the Scrip­tures but put into ap­pli­ca­tion of what we study to our lives, and that is called wis­dom.

As in the Book of Colos­sians we are in­structed to have ‘Knowl­edge' which is the ac­cu­mu­la­tion of facts, ‘Un­der­stand­ing' which is the ar­range­ment of facts, and ‘Wis­dom' which is ap­pli­ca­tion of facts. Yet with­out Bib­li­cal knowl­edge, un­der­stand­ing, and godly wis­dom we as a peo­ple will not be prop­erly nour­ished un­less we dine daily on His Word. There are peo­ple who claim their Christian af­fil­i­a­tion are usu­ally those who like buf­fet din­ners, be­cause they pick and choose scrip­tures to jus­tify their sin lifestyle. A phrase I have used many times is, “The Bi­ble is like an onion, for a onion has many lay­ers to it, and the more you peel it, the more tears you will shed, and the more you peel it, the closer you come to the heart of it, which is the Heart of God.” An­other phrase to con­sider is this, “How do you eat an ele­phant? One bite at a time.” The point here is you must con­sume the en­tire Bi­ble through daily study to guide you to a more ma­ture re­la­tion­ship with the Lord.

Sadly, there are those who can be com­pared to what the writer of He­brews wrote, “For although you ought to be teach­ers by this time, again you need some­one to teach you the basics of God's say­ings. You have come to need milk, not solid food. For any­one liv­ing on milk is in­ex­pe­ri­enced with the teach­ing about right­eous­ness—he is an in­fant. But solid food is for the ma­ture, who through prac­tice have their senses trained to dis­cern both good and evil.” ~ He­brews 5:12-14

To gain godly ma­tu­rity and wis­dom, one must daily search His Word for the solid Truth, for “It is Writ­ten."

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