In­stalling Hol­ley’s New LS Ac­ces­sory Sys­tem

Sim­pli­fy­ing the Ser­pen­tine Sys­tem

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E very­one’s got an ac­ces­sory sys­tem on the front of their en­gine, whether it’s fac­tory, af­ter­mar­ket, or cus­tom fabri­cated. It’s just one of those ba­sic ne­ces­si­ties if you want an en­gine to work and your car to move. For us hot rod­ders, most of our time is spent think­ing about the en­gine it­self— in­take man­i­folds, camshafts, carb ver­sus EFI—you know, the ex­cit­ing stuff that you can brag about on the In­ter­net. But when it comes to fit and fin­ish and, ul­ti­mately, the func­tion­al­ity of your ride, the ac­ces­sories be­come quite im­por­tant.

Now let’s move that thought train along and ap­ply it to the LS-based en­gines we’re see­ing swapped into more and more hot rods and mus­cle cars th­ese days. Clear­ance and co­he­sion can be a cou­ple of the biggest is­sues to con­quer when fit­ting a mod­ern en­gine in a not-so mod­ern body. That’s where Hol­ley’s new

mid-mounted com­plete ac­ces­sory sys­tems for LS en­gines comes in. Not only is it com­pact, bring­ing ev­ery­thing in nice and snug to the width of the LS, but it’s also as com­plete as it gets, tak­ing the headache out of lin­ing ev­ery­thing up. In­stead of us­ing a bunch of brack­ets and spac­ers to bring all your ac­ces­sories into uni­son, their all-new wa­ter pump hous­ing does all of that in one. The cast­ing in­cor­po­rates ev­ery­thing from the car­tridge-style wa­ter pump to the al­ter­na­tor to the power steer­ing to the A/C com­pres­sor.

We thought we’d give the new sys­tem a try but not be­cause we just felt like it. In fact, our 5.3L LS-pow­ered '47 Chevy pickup was hav­ing some is­sues—namely that it kept throw­ing belts. We’d fid­dled with dif­fer­ent brack­etry and spac­ers but noth­ing seemed to do the trick, so when Hol­ley told us about their new LS ac­ces­sory sys­tem it was a no-brainer.

As far as the in­stall goes, it is about as sim­ple as un­bolt­ing the old stuff and bolt­ing on the new stuff. Since this is a kit de­signed for LS swaps, Hol­ley did

their best to make this kit go in as eas­ily as pos­si­ble, but de­pend­ing on your ap­pli­ca­tion you might need to get a lit­tle cre­ative when it comes to rout­ing hoses and other lines. But if you’ve al­ready com­mit­ted to the chal­lenge of an en­gine swap this should be the least of your wor­ries. So fol­low along as we jour­ney through the process of in­stalling Hol­ley’s new ac­ces­sory sys­tem on the LS in our '47 Chevy truck!

Step one: iden­ti­fy­ing the parts. This kit comes with all the goods you’ll likely need to make this up­grade hap­pen, in­clud­ing hard­ware, gas­kets, wiring, pul­ley, ten­sioner, damper, al­ter­na­tor, A/C com­pres­sor, power steer­ing pump, wa­ter pump, thermostat,...

Now for the lit­eral step one: Dis­as­sem­ble all of the old stuff; start by re­mov­ing the ser­pen­tine belt.

Next you are go­ing to want to drain and re­move the ra­di­a­tor to give you more room to work be­cause, at least in our case, we are do­ing this in­stall with the en­gine still in the car. If you have the choice to in­stall ev­ery­thing be­fore drop­ping the en­gine...

Con­tinue dis­as­sem­bly of the old ser­pen­tine sys­tem by re­mov­ing the old ac­ces­sories and brack­ets ac­cu­mu­lat­ing in the re­moval of the old wa­ter pump.

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