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Test 1: This is as close to bone stock as we could get with an elec­tric wa­ter pump in lieu of the ac­ces­sory drive and a set of JBA-coated 1-7/8-inch head­ers with a 3-inch ex­haust lead­ing to Flow­mas­ter muf­flers.

Test 2: The only change was to add 2 de­grees of tim­ing near the peak power rpm since to­tal tim­ing at WOT was only 23 de­grees BTDC, mak­ing the new to­tal 25 de­grees.

Test 3: This test bumped the peak tim­ing to 27 de­grees to­tal with a min­i­mal gain.

Test 4: At WOT, GM runs its en­gines very rich to pro­tect the cat­alytic con­vert­ers from over­heat­ing. We leaned the air/fuel ra­tio from 11.2:1 to 12.5:1, which pushed the torque up to 522 and peak horse­power to 518.

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