Trailer Tips for Do-ItYour­selfers

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“If you want it done right,” call the right tow­ing com­pany or do it your­self. In times of lesser emer­gency when we have our own way, it’s tough to beat the safety and se­cu­rity of our own trail­ers. Dur­ing the course of most any home­based build, a project will likely be trail­ered from place to place for this or that. Af­ter the build we might still trailer a fin­ished rod or cus­tom, at least on oc­ca­sion. In this in­stance, af­ter a marathon de­tail­ing ses­sion, a lit­tle Deuce five-win­dow is about to be loaded into an en­closed trailer for the Grand Na­tional Road­ster Show. This year once again we’ll bor­row a friend’s en­closed trailer. The trailer is a nice one, but last year we strug­gled with our friend’s catchy ratchet straps. This time we’ll save some skin, as we’ve just re­ceived a ship­ment from Mac’s Cus­tom Tie-Downs. For the job at hand we’ve cho­sen a Pro Pack, which is a pop­u­lar Sum­mit sta­ple as well. Since our friend’s trailer is al­ready equipped with floor-mount re­cessed D-rings, Mac’s fixed (di­rect hook) ratchet straps fit the bill. Next time we might use a trailer with E-tracks in­stalled in its floor, so we’ve or­dered ad­di­tional bits for that ap­pli­ca­tion. Made right here in the U.S., this is high-end stuff, de­signed specif­i­cally for folks like us, by folks like us. From here let’s be­gin at the be­gin­ning. It’s time to load up.

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