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EV­ERY­ONE HAS THEIR OWN WAY OF DO­ING THINGS, AND IT’S IN­TER­EST­ING TO SEE HOW DIF­FER­ENT PEO­PLE RE­ACT TO FIN­ISH­ING THEIR TRUCK BUILDS. I re­mem­ber when I first got into the cus­tom truck scene and met the own­ers of the most mem­o­rable rides at the time. Some of them had fresh builds and were com­pletely pumped up about them. And how could they not be ex­cited? De­but­ing a full cus­tom truck is the mo­ment of glory in the build process. Hav­ing peo­ple swarm around the fruit of your la­bor at a show is some­thing we all dream about. Even if you aren’t the type who needs the ap­proval of oth­ers, it’s still cool when peo­ple ad­mire your work. Heck, it’s awe­some just to get a sim­ple thumbs-up when you’re driv­ing around.

One thing that stood out when I met some of th­ese truck builders was how over their trucks they were. It was weird to have such ad­mi­ra­tion for their hand­i­work only to dis­cover that the owner/builders were com­pletely bored with their cre­ations. I couldn’t com­pre­hend how any­one could lose in­ter­est in such badass trucks. Of course, I was new to ev­ery­thing and didn’t re­al­ize what was go­ing on in­side th­ese guys’ heads.

For any­one with a vi­sion and the means to build a cus­tom truck, it’s hard not to con­stantly in­no­vate and cre­ate new things. For a lot of builders, it’s all about be­ing ahead of the curve and out­shin­ing the com­pe­ti­tion. In some cases, builders care about see­ing ideas im­ple­mented on a build and mak­ing heads turn even if their truck isn’t fin­ished; while oth­ers want to see their trucks com­pete at shows and then call it a day.

In my time in the scene, I’ve talked to many dif­fer­ent builders, but I’m still shocked by the “turn and burn” crowd. Build­ing up a truck just to get rid of it with­out ever en­joy­ing the fin­ished prod­uct baf­fles me. Th­ese builders get their en­joy­ment from the build it­self and just don’t care about show­ing them off.

I re­al­ize the ex­cite­ment of own­ing a fin­ished truck fades with time. We all deal with this in our own way, and some­times we can hold on to our en­thu­si­asm for quite a while, but not al­ways. Now that I have fin­ished my own show­stop­per, I can re­late to the builders I met early on who’d lost that lov­ing feel­ing. I still like my truck, but I’m def­i­nitely not as ex­cited about it as I was when it was first fin­ished.

I re­cently dusted off my truck and took it for a spin. As I got on the high­way and no­ticed peo­ple star­ing, I got that good feel­ing again. It proved to me that if we see our trucks reg­u­larly, we for­get how cool they re­ally are. Some­times it’s best to clean up your truck and take it for a spin. Take the time to re­ally en­joy your ride and rekin­dle your ro­mance.

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