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07 Here’s a look at the front kit (P/N 7387SWBK-55213R). CPP ships th­ese fully as­sem­bled and ready to in­stall. We put the stock and the new as­sem­blies side by side for com­par­i­son. The larger ro­tor, with the drilled and slot­ted sur­faces, will in­crease heat ca­pac­ity and dis­si­pa­tion. The larger, multi-pis­ton caliper will in­crease the clamp­ing force on the ro­tor.

08 In­stalling the new setup from CPP is fairly sim­ple. It just drops in place on the lower ball joint. 09 Then the up­per ball joint is dropped into the spin­dle. To se­cure the spin­dle to the ball joints, we tight­ened the new cas­tle nuts and in­serted the new cot­ter pins, mak­ing sure to bend them over and lock every­thing in place.

10 The new stain­less steel braided line provided with the kit is routed just like the fac­tory line. At­tach­ing the braided line to the fac­tory hard line is the easy part. The dif­fi­cult part is se­cur­ing the line to the frame with the new clip.

11 Re­assem­bling the tie rod wraps up the in­stal­la­tion of the new front kit. We made sure to do this last so we could eas­ily ro­tate the spin­dle when tight­en­ing the ball joints and in­stalling the new brake line. 12 Here’s the fin­ished prod­uct. It’s a 100% bolt-on kit, and the fact that it comes with the spin­dle and brakes al­ready fully as­sem­bled and greased makes in­stal­la­tion fairly sim­ple. One thing to keep in mind is that we did in­stall a new spin­dle, and any­time a sus­pen­sion part is swapped out it’s a good idea to re­align the truck.

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