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13 Af­ter we fin­ished up the front of the truck, we turned our at­ten­tion to the rear. We used the floor jack to lift the truck un­der the rear axle, and then placed jack stands un­der the frame rails. Then we re­moved the rear wheels to ac­cess the rear drum brakes. The new rear brake kit comes with all new lines as well, so we be­gan disassembly by re­mov­ing the fac­tory line run­ning into the drum back­ing plate. 14 The brake drum was eas­ily pulled off to ex­pose the in­ner com­po­nents. Since we were toss­ing them in the scrap pile, we just tore into the springs and hard­ware se­cur­ing the brake shoes to the back­ing plate. Every­thing needed to go and noth­ing is be­ing reused. 15 In or­der to re­move the axles from the rearend, we had to re­move the rear diff cover. This isn’t a ter­ri­ble thing; it’ll force us to do some main­te­nance on the rear axle. 16 With the diff cover re­moved and all of the gear oil drained, we started to re­move the axle shafts. The diff was spun un­til we could re­move the re­tain­ing bolt and slide the pin out of the car­rier. Next, we re­moved the C-clips that re­tain the axles. 17 We pulled the axles out of the ends and set them aside tem­po­rar­ily. 18 Next, the drum back­ing plates could be re­moved. Just four bolts se­cured them to the axle flange, and there’s also an E-brake ca­ble that can be a bit tricky to free. We used a closed-end wrench to com­press the tabs and wig­gled the ca­ble free from the back­ing plate. 19 Since the new caliper brack­ets don’t fully sur­round the axle shafts, we re­in­stalled them. No­tice that we also in­stalled new wheel studs in the orig­i­nal axle shafts.

20 Re­in­stalling the axles in­volved putting the C-clips back in place, re­in­stalling the pin, and tight­en­ing the re­tain­ing bolt for the cen­ter pin.

21 Then the rear dif­fer­en­tial cover was re­sealed with a bead of sealant and re­in­stalled.

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