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30 With the truck back on the ground, we could ad­dress the booster and mas­ter cylin­der. Some­where in this truck’s past, some­one thought it would be a good idea to elim­i­nate the fac­tory booster. We’re not sure why, or if it even worked, since the truck wasn’t run­ning or driv­ing when we picked it up. Luck­ily for us, they did leave some of the hard­ware be­hind. We needed to re­move it and the two nuts se­cur­ing the mas­ter cylin­der to the fire­wall. Once it was re­moved, we just tossed it in the scrap pile. 31 Here’s a look at the new mas­ter cylin­der and booster setup from CPP (P/N 7387BB4-11). It comes fully as­sem­bled with a new bracket to mount every­thing to the fire­wall. 32 The new bracket at­tached at six points on the fire­wall, so we drilled the top two holes. 33 We in­stalled the assem­bly over the four ex­ist­ing studs. Get­ting to the mount­ing hard­ware be­hind the booster wasn’t dif­fi­cult be­cause they are studs. We made sure to in­stall the two top bolts from in­side the cowl to mimic the four lower studs. 34 Once the booster and mas­ter cylin­der assem­bly were se­cured to the fire­wall, we fin­ished the in­stal­la­tion by re­con­nect­ing the fac­tory brake lines. All that was left to do was bleed the brakes and head out for a test drive. Af­ter­wards, the truck had no prob­lem com­ing to a halt.

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