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Maybe fate or destiny was at play that year at SEMA, be­cause James just hap­pened to run into

Jon Kos­moski, founder of House of Kolor (HOK), while he was brows­ing the com­pany’s booth. “I in­tro­duced my­self to Jon, and we chat­ted for a bit, and I men­tioned the truck and that we would like to work with HOK on paint ideas. Sur­pris­ingly, he took a big in­ter­est in the build right away. Maybe he had one of th­ese trucks in the past or maybe he saw such a blank can­vas with the truck be­ing in so much need of pretty much every­thing, but he jumped right in to help any way that he could.” House of Kolor just cel­e­brated 60 years in busi­ness, which is a phe­nom­e­nal feat in its own right. The brand has not only sur­vived some trou­bling years in the automotive aftermarket, it’s thriv­ing. For Jon to of­fer up so much of his time and re­sources to the project says a lot about his pas­sion for a chal­lenge.

But be­fore the truck was even re­motely ready for paint, the Retro­man­u­fac­tur­ing crew dragged the Chevy back home from the show and re­vis­ited the draw­ing board to as­sem­ble a re­freshed plan of ac­tion. Back when the whole or­deal of the truck not be­ing com­pleted for SEMA was un­fold­ing, both Steve and James were pretty much baf­fled by the in­com­pe­tence they had wit­nessed, but the truck’s ul­ti­mate out­come was get­ting brighter by the day once the guys met with James “JJ” Pitts, shop man­ager at Find­lay Cus­toms in Hen­der­son, Ne­vada. “Af­ter shop­ping around a bit to find a new shop to help with the sec­ond at­tempt to build the truck, we landed at Find­lay, which is just down the street from our of­fice,” James says. “It was great. They al­lowed me to go over and snap photos of the progress they were mak­ing, as they han­dled al­most ev­ery as­pect of the project from the sus­pen­sion and en­gine work to the paint and body.” The change in part­ner­ships pre­sented a com­plete 180-de­gree tran­si­tion, and the Retro­man­u­fac­tur­ing crew was fi­nally start­ing to see real re­sults in a timely man­ner by qual­i­fied crafts­men. Never has the con­cept of a bless­ing in dis­guise struck so close to home for an old, hum­bled Chevy pickup.

The truck at­tracted quite a bit of sup­port while it was be­ing pieced to­gether, in­clud­ing Sir­ius XM, one of the ma­jor spon­sors. Through­out the years, it’s been as­sem­bled com­pletely from new parts and pan­els, re­ceived a cus­tom chas­sis and all of the com­po­nents needed to build an old-look­ing ve­hi­cle from brand­new parts. (If we hadn’t told you, you might not have be­lieved it, right?) Dy­na­corn provided


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