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“ONE-OFF” REFERS TO A PART (OR PARTS) THAT IS DE­SIGNED AND BUILT FOR ONE SPE­CIFIC VE­HI­CLE, AND NO ONE ELSE’S. Ba­si­cally, you can’t buy a one-off part in a parts cat­a­log. You could con­sider a set of bil­let wheels with a cus­tom off­set one-off, but the sec­ond some­one else or­ders the same setup, you no longer have one-offs. Here’s an ex­am­ple:

Guy num­ber one, “Hey bud, I love those mir­rors you made for your truck. Mind mak­ing me a set?”

Guy num­ber two, “Sorry man, if I did that, they wouldn’t be one-offs any­more. Take a hike. Move it.”

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