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01 This is ev­ery­thing we re­ceived from CPP to ad­dress the wornout steer­ing in our C-10. The com­plete steer­ing link­age kit (P/N 7387SLK-CP-UG) comes with in­ner and outer tie rod ends, up­graded bil­let alu­minum ad­justers, pit­man arm and idler arm. The new 500 se­ries steer­ing gear box (P/N CP50014) comes ready to bolt in. We also opted for the Magna Pure fil­ter (P/N 20-0038F) to keep the power steer­ing fluid clean, and a new rag joint cou­pler (P/N RJC-730R) to fin­ish the job.

02 With the truck safely placed on jack stands, we re­moved the wheel to ac­cess the sus­pen­sion. You can also see the pre­vi­ously up­graded con­trol arms and coil springs. The first step in re­mov­ing the fac­tory steer­ing is ex­tract­ing the outer tie rod where it con­nects to the spin­dle. We re­moved the cot­ter pin and cas­tle nut, and struck the spin­dle at the steer­ing arm to jolt the ta­pered tie rod and break it free. If the tie rod won’t come loose eas­ily, it’s safe to use a pickle fork be­cause we won’t re­use these parts. Once it was free, we let it hang and moved on to the cen­ter link.

03 The cen­ter link, or drag link, is what con­nects the steer­ing from one side of the truck to the other. The in­ner tie rods con­nect to this link in the same man­ner as the spin­dle. To re­move them, we fol­lowed the same process. They were a lit­tle more dif­fi­cult to break free, though.

04 We used the pickle fork to sep­a­rate the in­ner tie rod from the cen­ter link. The fork end of the tool is ta­pered; so, the fur­ther into the joint it goes the larger it gets, forc­ing the joint to sep­a­rate.

05 In or­der to get the cen­ter link out of the truck we dis­con­nected it from the idler arm. We fig­ured this would give us room to re­move it, but we ended up go­ing one step fur­ther and re­moved the idler arm pivot from the frame rail.


The pas­sen­ger side tie rod was left con­nected to the cen­ter link so we could get to it eas­ier off the truck. Do­ing so was ac­tu­ally more dif­fi­cult than re­mov­ing the one on the driver’s side. These can be dif­fi­cult to ac­cess when they’re on the truck, but they’re stub­born when they’ve been re­moved too, so we had our work cut out for us.

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