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07 Since we are up­grad­ing the steer­ing box and we have a new pit­man arm, we de­cided to leave the arm con­nected to the fac­tory gear box and re­move them to­gether.

08 First, we dis­con­nected the worn-out rag joint cou­pler and the lines at the power steer­ing pump on the en­gine.

09 Next, we re­moved the hard­ware in­side the frame rail.

12 Be­fore in­stalling the new gear box, we in­stalled the new rag joint cou­pler to the out­put shaft. The splines on the out­put shaft and the cou­pler are a per­fect fit. We also in­stalled the new pit­man arm.

15 New power steer­ing lines were used to hook up the steer­ing gear box to a new power steer­ing pump that we in­stalled way back when we fresh­ened up the small-block 350 V-8.

10 The sloppy old gear box was ex­tracted and tossed on the scrap pile.

13 Swap­ping in the new 500 se­ries steer­ing gear box re­quired no mod­i­fi­ca­tions or spe­cial brack­ets. It sim­ply bolted to the frame rail just like stock.

16 The lines on the pump were a tight squeeze, but it was a rel­a­tively sim­ple job be­cause the new steer­ing box had the same port sizes and threads as the fac­tory box. No spe­cial lines were needed for the swap.

11 We thought it would be a good idea to clean up some of the sludge left be­hind by leak­ing flu­ids. A wire wheel and some rat­tle can paint did the trick.

14 While the truck was dis­as­sem­bled, we cleaned up some of the parts that we would re­use, like the steer­ing col­umn shaft. Then we painted it, re­in­stalled it and con­nected it to the new rag joint cou­pler.

17 Since we opted for the in­line fil­ter, we sim­ply cut out a sec­tion of the low­pres­sure re­turn line and in­stalled the fil­ter, pay­ing at­ten­tion to the di­rec­tion of flow as la­beled.

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