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18 Mov­ing along to the new link­age kit, we se­cured the new idler arm to the pivot. We in­stalled the hard­ware loosely to con­nect the pivot to the frame.

19 The freshly cleaned and painted cen­ter link was next. We con­nected it to the steer­ing box and the idler arm, which in­volved in­stalling the cas­tle nut and cot­ter pin that were sup­plied with the kit. Once the cen­ter link was tight, the idler arm pivot bolts could be se­cured.

15 The in­ner tie rod was in­stalled and se­cured to the cen­ter link and in­serted in the spin­dle.

16 Us­ing the sup­plied cas­tle nuts and cot­ter pins, the in­ner and outer tie rods were locked into place.

17 New grease fit­tings were in­stalled at all of the tie rod ends and the idler arm, we’ll get these joints filled with grease when it’s time for an align­ment.

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