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20 Once the truck was back on the ground, our first step was to get it aligned. Trend Auto Re­pair is lo­cated in the same business com­plex as we are, and the crew quickly got the truck on the align­ment rack and set up the cam­ber, caster and toe.

21 The toe was ad­justed us­ing the new bil­let alu­minum ad­justers.

22 The cam­ber and caster were ad­justed on the up­per con­trol arm, and shims were in­stalled to set the sus­pen­sion within the ac­cept­able range.


Us­ing the align­ment ma­chine, small ad­just­ments were made and the cam­ber, caster and toe were se­cured. Now the truck will drive straight down the road and han­dle much bet­ter.


The last or­der of business was greas­ing all of the mov­ing parts to en­sure long life. Af­ter­wards, the truck cor­nered like a brand­new pickup. Up­grad­ing the old steer­ing is a must when working on these old trucks.

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