The Highs and Lows of the Hottest Sus­pen­sion Prod­ucts


Highs and

Lows of the Hottest Sus­pen­sion Prod­ucts

ONE OF THE FIRST MOD­I­FI­CA­TIONS MOST TRUCK OWN­ERS LINE UP FOR THEIR RIDE IS DITCH­ING THE STOCK SUS­PEN­SION. Al­though there is no hard sci­en­tific ev­i­dence to prove this state­ment, it’s a trend that we’ve no­ticed over the years. Whether it’s a height in­crease or de­crease, most of us can’t help pic­ture our trucks go­ing one way or the other the mo­ment we first get our hands on them. While the de­ci­sion whether to lift or to lower might be sim­ple, the dif­fi­cult choice lies in how high or low to go. For builders who are cer­tain about a spe­cific amount of inches up or down, static low­er­ing or lift kits can get them to their goal. For oth­ers, the world of air sus­pen­sion com­po­nents might be best be­cause they al­low ad­justa­bil­ity and cus­tomiza­tion. Whichever di­rec­tion you choose there are parts avail­able to get you there. There are a mil­lion and one op­tions to choose from in the land of sus­pen­sion com­po­nents. Bud­get plays a huge role be­cause you might have to pick and choose in­di­vid­ual parts and put things to­gether piece by piece if cash is too tight to spring for an all-in­clu­sive kit. How you in­tend to use your truck also dic­tates which prod­ucts you should or can use. No­body wants to get caught driv­ing around town with a heavy load and a saggy ass-end. To avoid that un­sightly sce­nario (and other em­bar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tions), we’ve com­piled a list of some of the lat­est and in-de­mand sus­pen­sion prod­ucts on the mar­ket (even those de­signed to help with lev­el­ing pay­load ex­clu­sively). We’ll also go fur­ther into the deep end and cover full blown, cus­tom au­tocross chas­sis, pave­ment-shav­ing air ride com­po­nents and lift kits so tall they’ll make your ears pop. Don’t worry, those triedand-true static-low­er­ing spin­dles, blocks and new shock op­tions are also listed here, too. Truck builders of ev­ery height pref­er­ence and bud­get are wel­come. En­joy the ride.

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